74 Bible Verses That Prove That God is the Savior Of All

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1) I Tim 4:10- God is the Savior of all mankind, especially of believers.

2) Eph 1:11- All to be gathered in Christ at the fullness of times.

3) Col 1:20- All to be reconciled by the blood of the cross.

4) Rom 5:18- All condemned in Adam, all justified in Christ.

5) Rom 11:32- All locked up in stubbornness that God may be merciful to all.

6) I Cor 15:22- As in Adam all die, so in Christ shall all be made alive.

7) I Tim 2:6- Salvation of ALL testified to in due time.

8) I Tim 2:4- God wills all to be saved and come to a knowledge of truth.

9) Eph 1:11- God works all after the council of His will.

10) John 12:47- Jesus came to save ALL.

11) John 4:42- Jesus is Saviour of the WORLD.

12) I John 4:14- Jesus is Saviour of the WORLD.

13) John 12:32- Jesus draws all to himself.

14) Heb 7:25- Jesus is able to save to the uttermost.

15) Col 1:15- Jesus is firstborn of ALL creation.

16) Col 1:16- By Him ALL things were created.

17) I Cor 15:26- Death (the wages of sin) the last enemy destroyed.

18) Phil 2:9-11- Every tongue shall confess Jesus is Lord.

19) I Cor 12:3- Cannot confess except by Holy Spirit.

20) Roms. 11:26- All Israel shall be saved.

21) Acts 3:20-21- Restitution of all.

22) Luke 2:10- Jesus will be joy to ALL people.

23) Eph 2:7- His grace displayed in ages to come.

24) Heb 8:11-12- All will know God.

25) Titus 2:11- Grace has appeared to all.

26) Rom 8: 19-21- Creation to be set at liberty

27) I Cor 4:5- All will have praise from God.

28) James 5:11- End of the Lord is full of mercy.

29) Rev 15:4- All nations worship when judgments are seen.

30) II Cor 5:17- New creation in Christ.

31) Rom 11:36- All out of God, thru and into Him.

32) Eph 4:10- Jesus will fill ALL things.

33) Rev 5:13- All creation seen praising God.

34) Rev 21: 4-5- No more tears, all things made new.

35) Jn 5:25- All dead who hear will live.

36) Jn 5:28- All in the grave will hear & come forth.

37) I Cor 3:15-  All saved, so as by fire.

38) Mark 9:49- Everyone shall be salted by fire.

39) Rom 11:15- Reconciliation of the world.

40) II Cor 5:15- Jesus died for all.

41) John 8:29- He always does what pleases his Father

42) Heb 1:2- He is heir of all things.

43) John 3:35- All have been given into his hand.

44) John 17:2- Jesus will give eternal life to all who His Father give to him.

45) John 13:3- The Father gave Him all things.

46) Isaiah 46:10- God will do all his pleasure.

47) Dan 4:35- God’s will done in heaven and earth.

48) Prv 16:9- Man devises, God direct his steps.

49) Prv 19:21- Man devises But God’s counsel stands.

50) Ps 33:15- God fashions all hearts.

51) Deut 32:39- God kills and makes alive.

52) Ps 90:3- God turns man to destruction, then says return.

53) Lam 3:31-32- God will not cast off forever.

54) Isa 2:2- All nations shall flow to the Lord’s house.

55) Gen 18:18- All families of earth will be blessed.

56) Isa 45:23- All descendants of Israel justified.

57) Ps. 138:4- All kings will praise God.

58) Ps 72:18- God only does wondrous things.

59) Ps 86:9 All nations will worship God.

60) Ps 65:2-4- All flesh will come to God.

61) Ps 66:3-4- Enemies will submit to God.

62) Isa 19: 14-25- Egypt & Assyra will be restored.

63) Ezk 16:55- Sodom will be restored.

65) Ps 22:25-29- All will turn to the Lord and all families will worship before Him.

66) Ps 145:9-10- He is good to all and merciful to all His work.

67) Ps 145:14- God raises all who fall.

68) Ps 145:16- God satisfied the desire of the living.

69) Ps 145:10- All God’s will praise Him.

70) Isa 25:6- Lord makes a feast for all people.

71) Isa 25:7- Will destroy vail over that is spread over all the nations.

72) Isa 25:8- His will swallow up death in Victory.

73) Jer 32:35- Never entered His mind to burn people in fire.

74) Ps 135:6- God does what pleases Him.

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