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“Why You Will Sin…
More After You Become A

Saturday, Feb 19th, 2022
6:25 a.m.
Still plenty dark outside, hang on, let me check the temp — It’s 32º out, high expect of 53º. Wow, that’s warm… and the sun peeks through at 7:16 a.m. this morning.

Good Morning Father,
Good Morning Saint of God — yeah you !!!

Father, if it’s not too much trouble, we’d pray for a spirit of wisdom and revelation in a realization of You.

Now… to this topic of why you’re gonna sin more after you become a “christian”…. Generally speaking, before you become a “christian” you don’t sin much. Yeah, I know you only hear the opposite of that, in christian circles…. They are always saying “I was such a sinner and then God saved me.” Or words to that effect at testimony time… but here’s the deal…
… Sinning is missing the mark. (Remember our definition comes from those 700 left-handed guys in the O.T. who could sling a stone and hit the the target within a hair’s breath and NOT SIN. — yeah, yeah, the KJV says “not miss”… but it’s the same dang word as is translated everywhere else as SIN.
So, the “christian” testimony that they all stopped sinning AFTER they asked Jesus into their heart is a bunch of hooey. The real sinning doesn’t start UNTIL they become a so-called “christian”. Here’s why…
After they become a “christian” they are just flat out TRYING, and TRYING, and TRYING not to sin. And that’s when you “sin” the most. You see, “christianity” is mostly a bunch of rules and regulations — LAW, WORKS, you know, measurable things you do or don’t do that they can hold against you.
“Christianity” is not really about Christ and his accomplishments on the cross. Forget that.
So, before you knew all the RULES, and REGULATIONS, you were just living your life and you didn’t “sin” so much… because you weren’t measuring anything…. But when you started going to church and they gave you all kinds of measuring sticks… some with which to smack your hand…
So… instead of “becoming a ‘christian’” … I’m going to recommend a different strategy…
Stop caring if you “sin”.
Stop caring if your neighbor “sins”.
Stop caring if those biddies at church “sin”.
And I’m telling you, you have a road map to this INDIFFERENCE… in the cross of Christ.
You see… the secret sauce is in the word FOR.
Christ died FOR our sins.
The word “for” is such an overlooked darling of a word. You use it so much we plumb forget it’s significance… and it’s a shame.
Christ died FOR our sins, … Check it out…
He paid FOR you car.
The cops came FOR your husband.
I came over FOR a piece of pie.
I think there is such overlooked meaning in the word FOR that we can just stop worrying about the matter of whether or not we sinned or all those yahoos in our circle of friends sinned… just forget about it, and go wash some dishes and/or plant some tomatoes.
The best way to STOP SINNING is to take away the goal posts. If you have no target, you can’t miss.
Just throw the ball in the general direction and have some fun.
Where sin did abound, grace did much more abound. — Kind of like the “special olympics” where everyone is a winner… Because in God’s view… the goalposts (targets) have been removed and no one’s keeping score… except them thar “christians”.
So, in God’s game… where sin did abound, He moves the goalposts … all over the place, in your favor. Hellava thought, huh?
OK… if we can… for a bit in our lives… stop setting up goalposts for everyone to aim at… so we can blame them for SINNING… and get down to business… and seeing with our own eyes what Christ was doing up on that cross… man o man…. Then SIN might not look so interesting.
I remember reading that the woman (Dorothy Sayers) who wrote the “LORD PETER WHIMSY” crime novels… (a Sherlock Holmes kind of guy)… once said “The older I get, the less I care who’s having sex with whom.”
I think that’s the direction we all need to go. What was Christ doing up there on the cross? 7:01 a.m.
Coffee refill time.

Now I will admit… sniffing out other people’s sins is so much fun. Gossip is just a kick. But the truth is… it’s not helpful in any way… Gossip never makes THEM better. It makes YOU feel better for a moment or two, till the high wears off. But gossip never does a damn thing for them.
Kind of like that one marriage councilor (sp?) said, “Serious talk hurts the relationship most of the time. Instead keep it to small talk, happy talk.”
Fault-finding is a popular hobby. But it is rarely productive.

I was thinking of going over to yet another freewiller channel… because Brother Larry put a bug in my hear… and I think it’s a good one. It goes like this:

I just know they is gonna LOVE this question.
I’m thinking I’ll have to tell them it’s no fair to use the word IF… if they have to use the word IF to explain what Christ did on the cross, then they are saying in essence “None of us”. He saved no one on the cross, if they have to say “He saves you IF you do this and that.”
Now consider that question in light of my notes on the word FOR… He died FOR our sins… now look at that question —
Did Christ save all of us at the cross?
Some of us at the cross?
Or none of us at the cross?

  1. So, yesterday, we (I) was going on about “Why did God give me cancer?” — and of course the idea that God creates both good and evil sure does piss some people off.
    It’s not an easy subject to consider. But it’s true that there is only one God. So, it’s something everyone is going to have to acknowledge… that the ONE GOD created all things… things good and things not so good.
    Our favorite troll left a comment, to the effect “If your God gave me cancer, He’s a POS”.
    Well, he’s not the first to shake his fist at God.
    One time, I was hiking in the woods of Northern Idaho. I came upon a small clearing and I guess a mouse had claimed that little area for a home. Because as soon as I came in view, that little mouse, stood me down and was squeaking at me… like it was tough and could handle me. I could have stepped on it. But I didn’t. I kind of admired it’s boldness.
    Those who shake their fist at God are kind of cute. But not really.
    God has no business stomping on mice.
    God calls us all into existence… and gives us all the perfect experience… and when all is said and done, we all have pretty near the same experience.
    We live, and breath, and die.
    With a few minor details in between.
    One guy dies of cancer. The next guy dies of traffic injuries. One lady dies of blood clots. The next one dies of old age. Minor details.
    BTW… What was Christ doing up on that cross?
    — Was He saving the world???

— Or was He adding one more layer of confusion to the whole confusing program of HOW TO GET “SAVED”?

  1. I’m in the mood for something from Romans… hang on, let me find something.
    That was easy… Chapter one, verse 4…

“Who is designated Son of God with power, according to the spirit of holiness, by the resurrection of the dead),”
And I’m betting the word DEAD here is plural… adding more to it than we can dare plumb.
So, my question “What was He doing up there on the cross???” — Here is one thing He was doing, He was getting the proper DESIGNATION — Up on the cross, He got the designation “Son Of God With Power” — Wow, what does that mean?
And Who gave Him that designation? It seems to say “the spirit of holiness” gave Him the title/designation. — And the thing that seals the deal is His and everyone’s resurrection. (Since the word DEAD is most likely plural).
So, what was He doing up on that cross? He was getting a designation. Holy smokes.
And keep in mind, we don’t want to mention the cross without noting that the resurrection is a vital part of that cross story. Get me?
And of course the word “cross” is just “pole” in the Greek of the first century. So, “cross” is a figure of speech referring to His death and resurrection.
Can we say that the Son of God went to the cross IN or WITH a spirit of holiness? Somehow… the SPIRIT OF HOLINESS is associated with the Son of God’s experience on the cross.
I wonder if we can… for say, a month or so… stop saying “Son of God”… and start saying “Son of God with Power” — I wonder how that would effect our understanding of things.
“Son of God with Power”
“Son of God with Power”
“Son of God with Power”

Just getting in some practice.
“Son of God with Power”
“Son of God with Power”
“Son of God with Power”

Romans… Chapter one, verse 4…
“Who is designated Son of God with power, according to the spirit of holiness, by the resurrection of the dead-(PLURAL)),”

I’m quite sure this “spirit of holiness” has nothing to do with me. I must be talking about His own holiness… I contributed nothing to this program, don’t cha see.
So, according to the “spirit of holiness” He was designated ’Son of God’ — I’m still trying to wrap my head around this idea… you got something? Leave a comment.

 “Son of God with Power”
  “Son of God with Power”
  “Son of God with Power”

 So, Son of God with power, huh? Now what were you saying about eternal conscious punishment? 

There is so much we don’t know or understand about God’s eonian purpose. But it sure is fun to throw a hook into the lake and see what bites.

Ok, 8:04 a.m.
Time for breakfast.
Thank you so much for hanging out with me, this morning. We have such a darling Father, and that Son of His… wow… He’s the “Son of God with power”. And I’m more than impressed with those Two.
I’m sweet on Them.
Grace to you.
Exit: stage right.

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