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Andy Cap commented: “Ace, what’s your view on the origins of evil and was Satan created as a man killer from his creation or did he become evil by himself? A few questions there. Thanks.”

Well… I don’t have a “view” on the matter. I know that christians glorify Satan. They infer he was self-created… which leads them down the road to believing there are TWO GODS, one good and one evil.
For us, there is one God. one creator of all. And redeemer of all.
There is an old testament verse which says something like “God’s hand trembled when he created the crooked snake.”
And of course Jesus says he was a man-killer from the beginning.
So… on the whole my “view” is that Satan gets way too much credit for things. As I see it, he’s less than clever. He was played in the garden of Eden. Acted like a school yard bully with Christ in His final hours. “I’ll give you the kingdoms of the world” hype- ha.
As if he really runs things.
Satan is just as deluded as any character in this grand play. His rule is more like F-Troop than anything from Dante’s Inferno.
It’s more like Homer Simpson is running the world than a “Satan” with a master scheme.
Consider his great plan at the Tower of Babel. What a disaster. It’s like he put “H R” (human resoursce ) in charge.
You know, how you can watch a movie and you fall into the story line so deeply that your heart/pluse quickens, or your jump out of your chair when the bad guy suddenly shows up… ?
Well, when you don’t see the purpose of God (Eph 3:11) you’ll be like the chrisians and get all caught up in this characters’ role and actions.
God is the creator of all. Good and evil.
Satan is one of His creatures. And boy, ain’t he doing a hellava job? He makes us all jump out of our chairs.
Satan’s greatest power is our blindside.
HR says “hop” and we better hop. Or there’s hell to pay.
The serpent probably really believed what he told Eve in the garden (“You won’t really die”) .
On the whole, I’d say mankind’s real enemy is death, not Satan. And death meet it’s match on the cross of Christ. And death will be the final enemy to be put away.
I Cor 15:20-28 lists 4 enemies to be abolished finally by the work of God in the cross of Christ. And Satan is not even in the list.
The list is: Rulership, Power, Authority and Death.
Satan is way overrated in the big scheme of things.

Satan offered Christ “the kingdoms of this world” if He would just bow down and worship him.
Just think– what a ridiculous offer — “Hey Christ, worship me and I’ll give you the kingdoms of Shaka Khan, and the Aztecs. And all war lords throughout time.”
Keep in mind that all war lords (kingdoms-governments) rule by the threat of death.
Christ came to defeat death on the cross and will finish it up at the consummation of the eons. (I COR 15:20-28)
Death, the final enemy, will be abolished at that time — with that thought in mind, what attraction would a “kingdom of this world” hold to the King of the eons, whose rule has nothing to do with the threat of death, but instead the elimination of death????
Salvation — ultimately speaking — is salvation from death.
And death, is the real enemy of mankind .. and the final enemy to be abolished. So says I COR 15:25.
Quick thoughts before I return to my cup of morning coffee.


POST SCRIPT: When Satan offered Christ the “kingdoms of this world”… think about it… what kind of damn fool would offer the Firstborn of Creation, the creator of the eons and the purpose of the eons, — the “kingdoms of the Aztecs and Shaka Kan. and every other war lord who bloodied the pages of history. What a laugh… like that’s a prize?
“Hey Christ, worship me and I’ll give you the kingdom of Adolf, Joe Stalin, and Mao… and you’ll be rich.”
Keep in mind all the kingdoms of man are created by bloodshed (death) — And Christ came to defeat death.
All human governments exist due to the threat of death if you don’t comply.
Christ came to defeat death.
His rule is/will be something we’ve never seen before: The “rule” by eliminating death!!!
We have no idea all the good stuff that awaits us.
Anyway, Grace to you Andy.
Thanks for prodding me to jot down these notes.

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