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Fact: God created evil: Isaiah 45:7
Fact: God created time: Hebrews 1:2, Colossians 1:16,
Fact: God has a purpose in doing all this: Ephesians 3:11.

(Imagine the nightmare we’d have if God wasn’t the one who created evil. What if God was not in total control????)

We should understand right up front that EVIL is not necessarily “moral” — you see, falling out of a tree is an evil experience. Evil is the opposite of good, of course. But what if you add TIME to EVIL… what do you get?

Why, you get a whole different picture.

EVIL plus TIME equals something good as I see it.
Scientists says the 10 million years ago, an asteriod hit the Earth and wipe out the dinosaurs.
So long ago… yet no one today is crying over the matter. Evil plus time.
Noah’s flood wiped out a lot of people. So long ago. Yet, no one is upset about it, today. Evil plus time.
The Titanic went down about 100 years ago. Evil plus time.
In 1974 Pam Todorov dumped my butt and ran off with a biker dude. I cried then, But not now. Evil plus time.

I think you can define EVIL as something we think that “should not happen”. But it does. Oh my.
You should not fall out of a tree. But it sometimes happens.
SIN and EVIL are not the same thing.
Sin is missing the mark.
(Note: Remember that tribe of Left-handed guys, in the Old Testament? They could hit the target within a hair’s breath and “not sin” — KJV says “not miss”. (Judges 20:16)

God created TIME. And God controls EVIL. And when God blends TIME and EVIL some good things happen. Just give it “time” you’ll see.

I have a bum leg. It’s an inconvenient “evil”. But lots of folks thank God on a daily basis that I have a bum leg or they know for sure I’d kick their *ss. And they’d deserve it.

The greatest “evil” in the history of “time” was putting God’s Boy on the cross.
Oh my God… But… that was also the greatest “good” in the history of “time”…
And I’m so humbled, honored, and hopeful now… about the whole story of it all.
Just thinkin’
In Him…
Grace to you.

POST SCRIPT: “TIME” is a measure of “change”.
Things are different today than they were last Wednesday.
If there were no CHANGE we could not have a measure of change called TIME.
Before God began creating, time did not exist. God was all and there was no change, therefore no “time”.
But when CHANGE began to happen (Christ, the Firstborn of creation – COL 1:16) then, TIME began to measure it all.
At the end of TIME (I COR 15:24) God will be ALL-IN-ALL and thus nothing more will “change” as we understand it now… and TIME will cease to be.

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