“For who has withstood His will?” (From Romans 9, I think)

“You forget mans(sic) will which most times goes against God’s will…”

“For who has withstood His will?” (From Romans 9, I think)
“God is operating all things… not just some things… but ALL THINGS after the council of His own will. (From Ephesians 1:11)
“God locks up all together in stubbornness that He might have mercy on all.” (from Romans 11:32)

Just because man goes against God’s will… I don’t see that as a problem, really. “Not for all is the faith” says Paul (Thessalonians, I think).

You see, during the eons, there are many stories of man’s failure… but we’re not really expecting to see man’s success… not at any time… we’re the creature He’s the creator.

The only real success we see, right now, during the eons… is the resurrection of Christ after the cross… and that has nothing to do with our cooperation… other than it was our sins that put Him on the cross.

The cross is the centerpiece of the story of the universe.

Death is the key story for all of us… yet God will show… resurrection will be, yes, will be, the key story, as we shall see. (I COR 15:22 -Even as in Adam, all die, so in Christ shall all be made alive.)

Man’s will is locked up in a pattern. Locked up by God himself. For now it serves God’s purpose. And Ephesians 3:11 says that God has an eonian purpose.

We’ll talk later.
P.S. Zender has a good article (related) here:

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