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 You know, “freewill” is the favorite word of a con man, right? 
And God would be a fool to give man… you know… “MAN”… that weak, corruptible, ignorant, creature… a so-called “freewill”. 
And to all the freewillers out there… I say, let’s see one good thing man has done with his so-called “freewill”. I don’t think the freewillers get out much… but I can tell you — It’s a mess out there. 
There’s nothing but sin, death, destruction, corruption, condemnation, disaster, and more… out there in the world. The world of politics, science, religion, entertainment, hospitality, — you name it… and every place you turn, it’s a mess… and those religious conmen come along and tell us “you have a freewill”… who are they kidding?
Amazingly, the word “freewill” shows up in the Old Testament one time. Not as a teaching regarding man’s ability to choose, but as a name of an obscure offering that might be made in that day. 

The offering is called “a freewill offering”. And it’s just a name of an offering. It’s not a teaching about anything. — Just a name.
It might as well be called “Betty’s Offering”. It’s just a name of an offering. But it does not teach us anything about Betty. It’s just a name.
Let’s say we’re going to talk about this topic in a serious kind of way.
I’d start with GOD’S CHOICE vs MAN’S CHOICE.
I Corinthians 1:29 (I think) says God chooses — not the wise and the noble — but the ignoble… and the stupid of this world. Ain’t that a helluva thing? God chooses who He wants. He does not choose the wise and the noble… !!!!!!
But wait… the freewiller says… “Man chooses God… not the other way around… man’s choice is all important… we must cotton to man’s freewill choices… you’re hurting my feelings…. What about my choice in the matter?”
The thing about “freewill” is this: it is the greatest source of pride and arrogance in the christian religion. It is oh, so, common to hear a “freewiller” start almost every sentences with “I”… and then move on to “me” and next, “mine”.
Consider, that I Corinthians 1:29 business… God chooses the stupid of this world.
Allow me to quote the passage for you:
26 For you are observing your calling, brethren, that there are not many wise according to the flesh; not many powerful, not many noble,
27 but the stupidity of the world God chooses, that He may be disgracing the wise, and the weakness of the world God chooses, that He may be disgracing the strong,
28 and the ignoble and the contemptible things of the world God chooses, and that which is not, that He should be discarding that which is,
29 so that no flesh at all should be boasting in God’s sight.<——

 Freewill is the Petri dish of pride and boasting. 
So the freewiller comes along and says “If a man goes to hell, he can only blame himself, for God gave him a freewill.” 
Never mind, “if a man goes to heaven, he can only PRAISE HIMSELF, for God gave him a freewill” — The two premises are the same, you see… PRAISE and BLAME must be based on the same thing. 
 If a fella can only BLAME himself for going to hell, then a fella can only PRAISE himself for going to heaven. Get it? 
 The notion that mankind determines his own eternal destiny… based on “freewill” choices… is a real stretcher. 
   Ignorance runs deep out there, I don’t know if you’ve noticed. And I wouldn’t call any ignorant person… a person with “freewill”. 
  In Acts chapter 3… Peter tells those boys, “you crucified the Lord of glory IN IGNORANCE. — How can “freewill” and “ignorance” be referenced in the same breath???
 When Jesus was on the cross, He prayed “Forgive them, they know not what they do.” 
He didn’t say “Get ‘em Father, those bastards, they did this in full knowledge, and Father burn them in hell.” 
  Freewillers need help defining their term. I’ve ask them repeatedly to define “freewill” and they are all over the board, with their answer. They’ve even used the word “RANDOM” to explain freewill. 
 But on the whole, just from the way they use the term… to them it means EXEMPTION FROM CAUSALITY. 
 Here’s how the thing goes: “A man does a thing, and nothing CAUSED him to do a thing, he just did it, and must be held accountable for doing that thing.”
You see, if we took a peak at CAUSALITY, we’d end up in the lap of God. 
 Come closer, I want to speak in your ear, a beautiful, and lovely truth: 

Oh my, that is such a relief.
You see, if this “freewill” thing were true, we’d have no reason in the world to “trust God”. — and in fact, “freewillers” teach you NOT to trust God… instead they teach you to TRUST YOUR TRUST… HAVE FAITH IN YOUR FAITH… AND BELIEVE IN YOUR BELIEF.
They know better than to trust a God who would give man — corruptible man, ignorant man, greedy man, condemned man, sinful man, — freewill.
But these freewillers just love man and his freewill… it’s all they talk about.
The “will of God” (I TIM 2:4) – not so much.
The “operations of God” (Eph 1:11) – not so much.
The “purpose of God” (Romans 9:11) – not so much.
“Freewill” is a ruse. The human will is not “free” of influence, causality, or peer pressure.
God chooses the stupid of this world — I Cor 1:27-29… And thankfully so. I trust God’s choice. I don’t trust my own choice. After all, I’m as ignorant as the men who put Christ on the cross.
Freewillers, by and large, are not much on the plan and purpose of God. They twist the phrase “God’s will” into a notion that it’s something God cannot do, but wishes that YOU would do.

 Hang on… need to check something. 
 7:25 a.m. 

  Freewillers believe this notion so much that they have changed “God’s operations of grace” into “God’s offer of grace”… And that is such a shame. 
You see, God doesn’t “offer” grace… as that would destroy the very notion of what “grace” is. An “offer” of grace would be a deal between a God who wants something, and a creature who provides that very thing. 
So, if God “offers” grace, and you keep your end of the bargain, then GOD OWES YOU GRACE… and thus “grace” ceases to be grace, and now becomes an obligation on God’s part to favor you… you’ve earned it. 
But, the true and honest definition of GRACE is: THE UNEARNED FAVOR OF GOD. 
— Favor shown to someone who deserves the opposite of favor: Grace. 

To toss in “grace is offered” is to destroy the meaning of what GRACE is.
God operates in grace… and does not merely “offer” grace.
God graciously saves. He does not “offer” to save. God is the Savior. And the Savior of all. And God IS NOT the Savior of those He does not save.
God does not make bargains. God operates.
And Ephesians 1:11 dares to suggest that GOD OPERATES ALL, in accord with the counsel of His own will.
The freewillers are conmen. They are playing you. They’ve invented a God who is kind of a gambler… He tossed the dice, and it didn’t turn out like He’d hoped, so now He’s on to “Plan B”.
Can you trust a God, who’s on to “Plan B” ???
I’m telling you brothers and sisters… Christ’s work on the cross was the plan from the beginning. That strange passage in Revelation, says, HE IS THE LAMB SLAIN FROM THE FOUNDATION OF THE WORLD.
There is no “PLAN B”…
Everything is—right where it should be right now. “All is of God” (says Paul, at least 4 times).
Christ going to the cross, was NOT plan “B”.
1. The freewillers have some kind of doctrine called “age of accountability”… in which they themselves, limit “freewill” to those who reach the age of 12-years old, or 18-years old… they are not clear what is “the age of accountability” but they are sure that there is an “age of accountability.”
2. They also limit a fella’s “freewill” up to the time of his death… no more “freewill” after death. After you die… YIKES there is a terrible price to pay for using your “freewill” in the wrong kind of way.
3. They — get this, it’s strange but hang on — They say, that SATAN can and will influence a fella’s freewill… but GOD cannot influence a fella’s freewill. I don’t get this one.
You mean to tell me that “freewill” is influenceable — BY SATAN… but not influenceable by God, Himself?
(PLEASE NOTE: The very word “GOD” means “influence” or “influencer” in the ultimate sense.… in the Greek, the word “God” is PLACER…. In the Hebrew, the word “God” is SUBJECTOR.)
So, according to “freewill” lingo, Satan is more of a “God” than God is. His (Satan’s) power and numbers are more substantial than the Creator of the entire universe.
These guys are conmen.
God is the Creator of all.
God is the Owner of all.
God is the Father of all.
God is the Savior of all.
The notion of “freewill” is smashed in Romans 8, and 9 and 11. — three chapters freewillers love to hate.
There we see that “God subjects the entire creation to vanity AGAINST ITS WILL.”
It’s complicated, but God has this plan, this purpose, this goal… and He didn’t ask our advice about the matter beforehand.
In fact, one of those chapters says:
“For who knew the mind of the Lord, or who became His advisor? Or, who gives to Him first and it will be repaid him?”
Freewillers are conmen.
They want to sell you something.
The freewillers have a “plan of salvation” that puts God in your debt. It’s laughable, once you see the truth of salvation. “Where sin increases, grace superexceeds.” Says Paul in Romans 5:20.
Grace is not an “offer” it is how God operates during these eonian times.

8:11 a.m. 
Be right back. 
 8:22… back at it…

  Man is the creature, right? God is the Creator, right? Why would we be so interested in yakking about the creatures will, all the time, and not taking a peek at the will of the Creator?    
Freewiller’s clearly put God on the back burner, regarding His purpose, His intention and His grand scheme for the eons of time. 
But with them, man and man’s will is front and center. 
 “All is of God” 
   “God wills for all mankind to be saved”
   “God operates all according to the counsel of His will” 
 “It is not of him that willeth, but of God the merciful” 
 “God chooses” 
“There is one God” 
“For by Him and through Him and for Him are all”
 “All came out of Him” 
  “He is before all” 
  “All has its cohesion in Him” 
  “…to head up all in the Christ” 
  “… that every knee will bow”
  “…and every tongue will acclaim” 
  “He is Lord of all” 
  “O Owner” 
   “God, whose I am” 
   — hang on… I’ll be free to talk in about 3 minutes. 
   WE ALL BELONG TO HIM, AND HE MAY DISPOSE OF US AS HE SEES FIT. Lucky for us, “God wills to save all, and bring all to a — FILL IN THE BLANK… 

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