LET me explain.

  1. I contend these days that “freewill” is not only false, but stupid, unthinking and as they say in England “a doctrine of demons”.
  2. The only reason non-thinking folks need freewill, is they have this ETERNAL HELL thing going on.
  3. And with eternal hell, you can’t lay that at the feet of God. So, you’ve got to plant that on man’s head, you see…. So FREEWILL allows you to say to man “YOU CAN ONLY BLAME YOURSELF IF YOU GO TO HELL BECAUSE GOD GAVE YOU A “FREE” WILL AND IT’S ALL YOUR DAMN FAULT IF YOU BURN FOR EVER.
  4. So, FREEwill messes things up real bad. I’m suggesting you can’t even see GOD clearly as long as you have this FREEWILL teaching in your head.
  5. Think of all the passages of scripture which speak of THE WILL OF GOD…or THE PURPOSE OF GOD…or THE PLAN OF GOD… or… some such… you can’t… you can’t fit them into any reasonable picture in your mind as long as you’re fiddling around with HUMAN FREEWILL. Won’t work.
  6. Hang on, I’m thinking.
  7. Oh, yeah… if “freewill” were true… we should be afraid to get out of bed in the morning. Why? Because we might mess things up with our freewill decision, ya see.
  8. But if we can see that ALL IS OF GOD… and that NOTHING HAPPENS APART FROM GOD, AND HIS TENDER BLESSINGS…. Remember Jesus told his folks “not a sparrow falls to the ground without your Father’s notice.” (Not an exact quote, but something like that)
  9. By blathering on about FREEWILL you’re defending error. Oh that God would open your eyes to see that all is out of Him and through Him and for Him. To see that is peace. Really.
  10. So what if God deals with his creation in a rough way sometimes, and we call it JUDGMENT or some such… we are HIS…get it … we are HIS… and He can deal with us anyway he wants…. We are HIS… and ….
  11. So what if God TELLS US TO DO SOMETHING… that does not mean we have a “free” will to do it… God knows and is operating all things (see EPH 1:11) (or is it EPH 1:10… God is operating ALL THINGS after the council of HIS WILL) … Any way… So God comes along and tells ADAM to not do it… “Don’t you do it !!!” God says… and What’s Adam gonna do… as if God didn’t know. Sheesh
  12. If what Adam did in the garden was a SHOCK and a SURPRISE to God… should we be following God at all???
  13. God knew Adam would eat the fruit.. and SET IT UP… Yes, the garden was A SET UP… So, God wanted Adam to eat of it… so that GOD COULD DISPLAY HIS POWER IN CHRIST AND THE CROSS… a long range plan…. That was awesome.
  14. God was smart. God put that forbidden fruit, right there in the garden… and added some pressures like A TALKING SNAKE… and made the fruit lovely to view, and got the cuter-than-life, chick called “Eve” involved and poor ole Adam was screwed over by his creator. Thanks be to God.
  15. If not for Adam’s act, There would be no follow-up act, with Christ on the cross. The two are tied together, you see.
  16. So… back to freewill — PSALM 1188 IS RIGHT… HE SAID… no one who believes FREEWILL could or should be at peace right now or anytime… cause scary things could happened with your so-called FREEWILL. YOU MIGHT GO TO HELL ‘CAUSE OF YOUR FREEWILL.
  17. So… what we want to do, in our thinking here is SEE GOD… I’m telling you that if you entertain FREEWILL TEACHING… you’re actually worshipping Man… not God.
  18. FREEWILL TEACHING is the worship of man and man’s ability and it squashes God… and relegates God and God’s purpose to the back burner. Forget GOD’S WILL… let’s focus on man’s will. Yikes.
  19. Do we really need a scripture to teach THAT THERE IS NO FREEWILL? Oh bother… You see, the word FREEWILL is not in the Bible. So… it would be better to DEMAND of those guys to prove from scripture that there is a FREEWILL. But they can’t.
  20. So, God says DON’T DO THIS or THAT… but so what… that is not addressing man’s ability or non-ability to do this or that. It’s just part of God’s doings.
  21. The only definition I can get out of these guys is FREEWILL IS THE POWER OF CONTRARY CHOICE… but that is bullshit.
  22. There is no POWER OF CONTRARY CHOICE. If you choose something, you cannot choose something else.
  23. There are REASONS and CAUSES for your choice. And if there are REASONS and CAUSES for a choice, then there is not ‘FREEWILL CHOICE’. Ya see.
  24. So, if there is no FREE will… then what causes the will to choose this or that… immature people don’t want to go down that road… it might upset their training… it might screw with their matrix. They might have to think a new thought… and that would be hard.
  25. So, if there are reasons, causes and influential factors that guide a persons WILL, then it is not FREE.
  26. And if you know the reasons, causes and influential factors, you can know ahead of time what a person will “choose”. And thus there are no surprises to you… ONLY GOD FITS THAT BILL.
  27. So… the battle is a spiritual battle… the FREEWILLERS worship and believe in the creatures, they don’t worship the CREATOR…. Romans 1:25 warns about those who “WORSHIP THE CREATURE RATHER THAN THE CREATOR”… YIKES.
    (Romans 1:25 those who alter the truth of God into the lie, and are venerated, and offer divine service to the creature rather than the Creator, Who is blessed for the eons! Amen!)
  28. If we can get to the place where we no longer care for freewill lingo, we can see such glorious thoughts as GOD IS OPERATING ALL THINGS… AFTER THE COUNCIL OF HIS OWN WILL. And ALL IS OF GOD… etc.
  29. If we can ditch freewill… we see that Garden of Eden, differently… as well as the story of Jonah, Moses, Joseph, Judas, as well as our neighbors and family… the whole world looks different… and better.
  30. If freewill is “twoooo”… we are all most miserable… and we should fear to get out of bed in the morning… as we will surely do the wrong things with our almighty “freeeeee will”.
  31. See Romans 8:20… no freewill.
  32. See Eph 1:11… No freewill.
  33. See Romans 11:32 No freewill.
  34. And too many to list… but once you see it… it’s all over, the writers of the Bible did not use freewill lingo. “God choses” “You did not choose me, I chose you.” — etc.
  35. It’s so exciting to TRUST and RELY on God. Instead of trusting and relying on your freewill decision.
  36. Feel free to leave some comments and leave any scriptures you think prove or disprove “freewill”.
  37. Grace to you.

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