Yeah, it sounds like I’m being a smart aleck. But take a sip of coffee and hear me out.
The Freewill Grandma says God only saves “all in Christ” — meaning all who are located “in Christ.”
I say she’s fulla bulla — and God “saves all” in Christ. — meaning all through the instrument of Christ’s actions on Calvary’s hill.

I used to call her “the freewill chick” but she gave me a hard time about disrespecting her, as she’s a 50-year old, married woman… so now she’s the “freewill grandma”.

So… like any freewill loving apologist, she just loves limiting God’s work in Christ’s cross to ONLY those who do the right thing. Everyone else… goes… to… endless… hell.

Too bad for them. But they had the chance. And blew it, don’t cha see.

Well… I say that God saves all “in Christ” — meaning through the instrument of Christ’s work on the cross.

You see, the phrase “in Christ” can be used in the locative sense or the instrumental sense.

The Freewill Grandma is sure that it’s only those LOCATED in Christ. And I’m sure it’s all, through the INSTRUMENT of Christ.

Do you see what’s going on here?

Freewill Grandma’s all over the world are so proud that they’ve put themselves “IN CHRIST”… Because it’s only those “in Christ” who will be saved.”

But us non-freewill grandpa’s over here think she’s fulla crap… as the phrase “IN CHRIST” is HOW God saves, not WHO God saves.

Freewillers believe you save yourself, by your own actions, by believing freely in God’s loving kindness, and God ain’t gonna be kind to no one who don’t believe in his kindness.

And over here, in the peanut gallery, we say “HOG WASH.”

We say “God’s saves all in Christ”.

And if God doesn’t save all, in His chosen instrument, then His chosen instrument was flawed or broken or something.

Christ died for all. That settles the matter, right? RIGHT!!!

Now, I suppose you could say that the phrase IN CHRIST is both locative and instrumental… and you could find more depth of meaning that way.

But for sure, if you limit the Salvation Of God to the locative sense of IN CHRIST… you’re going to have a messed up universe in the end. You’re going to have billions of precious souls in endless hell… all because you’re sure IN CHRIST was a final destination and not a vehicle to bring you to the destination.

Are you with me?

So… Does God save all IN CHRIST?
Or… Does God save ALL in Christ?

If God does not save all… we have a problem.
If God does not save all… then He doesn’t really save any body. And the freewillers are right… you save yourself by your freewill decision to be a good boy. And your freewill decision puts you “in Christ”… and it’s all perfectly clear don’t cha know. And you’ll burn in hell if you don’t see it my way!!!

Just stay away from freewillers. They are solipsistic to the max.

God was in Christ — reconciling the whole dang world to himself — not counting their offenses against them. And has given us the word of the conciliation. Hot dang.
(See II COR 5:18-19)

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