Gene Edwards Miss The Boat.

IN THE 1960’S Gene Edwards was the #2 man in the big Baptists organization. He made a name for himself by writing a book on how to “witness” to the unbeliever.
Later, he walked away from it all and became something of a leader of the house church movement. As a young Christian at the time, I was all caught up in “witnessing” and preaching to sinners.
The premise of all our efforts was to save them ‘thare’ souls from “endless hell”.
Looking back, I see now that our efforts were kind of like MLMers trying to recruit so the pastor could “tithe” them too.
The notable thing about Paul’s preaching (as seen in Acts 17) — his premise was that “He (God) gives to all, life and breath and all.”
What a premise? What a baseline?
With such a premise, everything has a different tone. And a different outcome than all that “endless hell” thingy.
In the 1970’s I was a part of Gene’s home church movement. And I don’t think even Gene saw what I’m seeing here in Acts 17:25.
He gives to all, life and breath and all.
And the outcome: God will be all in all (I COR 15:28)
To further prove that Gene didn’t get it, one day a brother in our group brought up I TIM 4:10 to him… that God was the savior of all, especially (but not exclusively) of believers.
Gene’s reply was “Yeah, but why even bring it up?”
Well, I’ll tell you why we should bring it up… because I TIM 4:9 says “this is a faithful saying and worthy of all welcome“… and V. 11 says COMMAND AND TEACH THESE THINGS.
The premise of your message is everything.
Everyone can read between the lines. If you have the wrong agenda, folks will figure it out.
To preach endless hell if they reject “your” message– is to invite skepticism. Not faith.
It’s a message of coercion: “Believe what I say or go to hell”. — Some message, huh?
Listen: He gives life and breath and all, to all.
What a message.
I’m in.

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