Hey, Trinitarians— God Is One.

Hey, Trinitarians
— God Is One.

Not sure where I want to go with these thoughts… but I think it’s important to explore this BIG IDEA since the scriptures do go on and on about how GOD IS ONE… and never once say “God is three in one”. So… let’s explore.
Coffee’s ready… so on we go…

  1. “God is one”… is repeated in the scriptures how many times… 2 times ? 4 times? — So, one might ask, what’s it on about? Why would these three words be hammered on? It surely has gone over my head for all these years. God is one, indeed —
  2. And ya know, since I fancied that I was a “spiritual” lad, I just let it go over my head… and figured if I didn’t know what it meant, it probably wasn’t all that important. But I’m old enough now, to see that I’m not all that smart about many things, so I can allow myself the luxury of saying “what the hell is this all about”?
  3. “God is one”… dare I suggest that this little phrase give us comfort?
  4. God is one … So God is not divided? That’s comforting, when you think about it.
  5. God is one… All is out of God (See Romans 11:36) — why of course, God is one, for all is out of Him.
  6. God is one… All is THROUGH God (See Romans 11:36) Why of course, God is one for all is THROUGH Him… And up next is…
  7. God is one… All is FOR Him, (See Romans 11:36) Oh my… what a cleansing thought. All is out of Him and through Him and for Him… So of course God is one.
  8. As an opposite thought, let’s say it out loud: “God is divided”. — Yikes, doesn’t that sound horrible?
  9. And ya know, with man’s traditions and old jewish myths, it’s not hard to “read between the lines” of their prattlings and see that they are saying, (kind of) that God is divided. They go on about trinity stuff and eternal conscious punishment, etc. So, allow me to ask you… is God divided, or IS GOD ONE?
  10. I don’t know much about computer crap… but I’m told that computer code is built off of “1s and 0s” … I don’t know how the zeros play out but imagine if there were no ONES. (Sorry, lousy metaphor, don’t know where to go with that one. — If you do, leave a comment.)
  11. Oh, maybe God is the ONE and we are the ZEROs.
  12. GOD IS ONE. So, again, God is not divided against Himself. And nothing is outside of God. All has it’s cohesion in Him. I’d say on the whole we have a lot to be grateful for. You see, God is one. And that means peace.
  13. Back when I was a regular ole “trinitarian” … embarrassed to say it now… I’d see this little passage in scripture (“God is One”) and I’d let it go right over my head. — Had no idea that it might mean anything… much less, mean what it says. — T’was a foreign language to me. God is one, indeed.
  14. Sterling says “Can’t have A ONE WITHOUT THE ZERO.” — I’m thinking… So “we” are the zero… and we give meaning to the ONE???
  15. Somehow, if we’re facing hardships in our life, which would bring us more comfort??? The thought that GOD IS ONE, or the thought that GOD IS DIVIDED?
  16. I think we can confidently say that all the manmade religions teach that God is divided. And that chaos rules endlessly. But if God is one, evil and chaos must be for a purpose and temporary at best.
  17. If we’re going to ponder at length the idea that GOD IS ONE, can that thought lead us back to the cross of Christ and what God accomplished there? I think so…
  18. By saying GOD IS ONE… we, perhaps, can see THE PURPOSE of God. And the very idea of PURPOSE suggests oneness.
  19. If you meet a fellow with no purpose, you might say he’s aimless. But if you meet a fellow WITH PURPOSE, you know to stay out of his way, as he is a fellow who’s gonna get what he wants. And we can say with confidence that GOD GETS WHAT HE WANTS, for GOD IS ONE.
  20. See Ephesians 3:11 for a reference to God’s eonian purpose. Purpose = oneness.
  21. Years ago, in the 1970’s I was just a teenager, involved with the Pentacostal Holiness church of Southern Virginia…. And I heard about these other Pentecostal churches nearby who were called “Oneness” churches. We respected them, kinda, because they were “Pentacostal”… but we feared them because they were “oneness”. We were trinitarians and we knew that the “oneness” folks didn’t cotton to our brand of thinking, but we didn’t really know what the disagreement was. We just “knew” the “oneness” folks weren’t right. So, we gingerly put some distance between us and them.
    Nowadays, I’d say both groups were pretty much the same… not a dime’s worth of difference between them… but ain’t it strange that we keep the “oneness” folks at arm’s length.
    And I’m quite sure, the “oneness” folks in that Pentacostal arm of fundamentalism would not agree with my sentiments here and now… I’m suggesting that the teaching of ENDLESS HELL…. Goes against the idea that GOD IS ONE.
    So, what kind of “oneness” those Pentacostal’s were, I’m only guessing.
  22. God Is One. (Oops, did you see that? I accidentally typed “God is God”… And guess what.. it works.) God is one and God is God. No problem… humbling thought, don’t cha think?
  23. Now, regarding Christ’s cross, and what was accomplished there… in II COR 5:18-20 we’re told that GOD WAS IN CHRIST… (Oneness?) Not only was God IN Christ… but he was not reckoning man’s offenses to him. And is giving us the ministry of conciliation so we can say to everyone… “Hey, come on home, God is not mad a cha. He’s got a table spread.”
  24. God was in Christ… And
  25. God is One…. Two lovely phrases.

To fill your heart and mind with today. God was in Christ and God is one.
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The reason you want to leave a comment is that I’m sure I’m missing some big ideas with this BIG IDEA… The fact that GOD IS ONE… is such a big idea that I’m gonna need your help to dig deeper.
Good morning, again…
Grace to you.

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