How To Start A “Church” In Your Area

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How To Start A “Church” In Your Area

Paul gave us the ultimate “church starter” kit.
He gave us thirteen letters.

So… if you want to move beyond the lonely existence of being a sole-believer in your little town, I might recommend the following:

  1. Invite people over for “A Public Reading Of The Book Of Ephesians.”
  2. Let them know there will be something of a pot luck supper afterwards.
  3. Announce the next meeting will be “A Public Reading Of The Book Of I Corinthians” or one of the other letters of Paul. Maybe even a reading of the book of Acts. But for sure, don’t go beyond Paul’s letters. Not yet. Not until your group is established in the truth of the evangel.
  4. Keep repeating this formula and magic will happen.
  5. The reading and the pot luck suppers afterwards, will create a dynamic growth all on it’s own.
  6. Paul told Timothy “Till I come GIVE HEED TO THE READING.”
  7. Paul recommended pot luck suppers in I Corinthians chapter 11.
  8. You may have heard of “book clubs” from time to time. They are usually middle-class to upper middle-class ladies (sometimes men) who get together to read and discuss some novel or highbrow piece of literature.
  9. Well, why should they have all the fun?
  10. You don’t need to be a “teacher” to get this thing started. If you just get together to read Paul’s letters, and have a pot luck dinner afterwards, the ecclesia will take a shape of it’s own.
  11. As you go along, of course you’ll stumble on something Paul says that’s mind-blowing. So, you’ll want to discuss it. Perhaps even use a concordance to clarify that you’re thinking clearly. But, right before your eyes, many dynamics will play out.
  12. Your pot luck suppers will consist of discussions about neighbors, politics, how to fix a broken toilet, who’s sweet on who, and the deeper meaning of Romans 11:36.
  13. Before you know it, there’s a house in your neighborhood for sale or rent, and one of the members of The Reading will move in and so-called “church life” will begin.
  14. Of course as you go along, you’ll have your share of trouble makers. The ecclesia in Corinth certainly did. Drunks, false teachers, divisive a-holes. But they’re not much trouble, compared to the joy of seeing the ecclesia grow into something of a gemstone to God.
  15. And don’t expect this ecclesia of yours to be a permanent institution. Apparently, from the book of Acts, it’s important for the ecclesia of God to be scattered from time to time.
  16. If you do try to become permanent, you’ll have to buy land, build a building and get a 501-C3, and you’l end up teaching all the same crap as regular christianity, “freewill” “eternal rewards for us but not for you”, “immortal soul” “twinity” (do you like my spelling?). Etc.
  17. Most likely, if you follow this formula, you’ll never end up like a Joel Osteen Mega Church. Thank God for that. Your gathering will be 15 to 30 folks who are quite devoted to the project. And another 100 or so max who join you from time to time.
  18. If you have to choose a name for your little operation, just call it THE READING. Picking a name is kind of dangerous. In that it tends towards that “us vs them” mentality. For sure don’t call yourself “The Antioch Baptist Church” or something pretentious like “The Lord’s Recovery”. Lord knows, we’ve got enough of those guys out there.
  19. By doing this, not only will you and your pals learn more about God’s purpose and the evangel of Christ… but you’ll have a network of folks to help you in normal, day-to-day, life matters — kind of like the Mennonites or the Amish help each other.
  20. After all, Paul said “No man is an island.” (Not the Paul of the Bible, I’m talking Paul Jensen, the french fry cook.)
  21. Now remember… I TIM 4:10 says God is the savior of all.
  22. The next verse says TEACH THIS.
  23. The next verse says, even if you’re young you can do this.
  24. Finally, verse 13 says GIVE HEED TO THE READING.

Anyway… I hope this helps.
Grace to you.

i TIMOTHY 4:13 Till I come, give heed to the reading, to the entreaty, to the teaching.

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