IF YOU WANT to see a typical “Christian” freak out… just quote Isaiah 45:7… You know, the verse that clearly says …


Then, watch as they do double-back flips trying to prove that “It’s not true…God would never do that…”
“God ‘allowed’ Satan to create evil.. “
“Satan had a ‘freewill’ don’t cha see.”
Anything but to admit to the truth right before their eyes… That God created all things, including evil.

I confess, I was a double-back flip “christian” at one time.
Yes, this verse upset me when I first saw it.
I bring this up to prove that most “christians” don’t believe God or His word.
They don’t trust God or His word.
They even change God’s word in Isaiah 45:7 to say “God created disaster.” instead of “God created evil”.
Talk about “evil”… it’s “evil” to change “evil” to “disaster” in order to hide the truth of God and promote man’s lie.

It seems to me now, that if “christians” truly believed God and His word, they would trust Isaiah 45:7… instead of freaking out about it.
It seems to me they ought to say…
“Why of course God creates evil, I wouldn’t trust anyone else with that responsibility. I only trust Him to do that.”

Instead, they have this wild tale of two Gods… one evil and one good… battling it out for final supremacy. And this tale of the good God battling the evil God has the evil one winning the biggest number in the end.

And the saddest part of the tale, is that good God is always running around doing damage control. Trying and trying to rescue or salvage all the things that went wrong, that He didn’t plan or foresee… Oh my.

The answer to the puzzle of Isaiah 45:7 is found over in I Timothy 4:10… it says..

“We rely (TRUST) on the living God who is…”

Of course God created evil. We trust Him for that.
We trust that God gives life and breath and all to all. (Acts 17:25)

This is a very humbling place to be. To admit God is the source of all.

But the double-back flipping “christians” have a story, a mythology, that builds their pride and self-worship.

That someone, anyone (Satan or themselves) could be just as creative as the one true God… and create “evil” while poor ole God (the good one) can only create good… it shows how important they are.

These “christians” will clearly tell you…

If a sinner goes to hell, he can only blame himself”. — Oh my, such power, such determinism. Never mind that if a sinner goes to heaven he can only praise himself.

Not only do the back-flippers hate Isaiah 45:7, they also hate the answer to 45:7… that being I Timothy 4:10.

I did, when I was a back-flipper.

When I first read I Timothy 4:10, I was very upset with Paul. That he would use such loose language… language that might lead someone to believe God is the savior of all… HOW DARE YOU!!!

But, if you don’t trust God’s word, how can you say you trust God?

God’s word says… “I the Lord create good and evil.” (Isa 45:7)

If you must change God’s word to fit your own mythology, then you don’t trust God.

And now, we look at I Timothy and we bow instead of back-flip… and we agree with Paul instead of fight him.

We rely (TRUST) on the living God, who is the savior of all mankind, especially, but not exclusively of believers. (I TIM 4:10)

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