You are smart to recognize that Paul’s message is unique. After all, he did say he got it by “revelation” and did not get it from Peter, James or John.
I’ve been to many churches and heard many preachers over the years, and it seems to me they’d all just as soon as wash their hands of this Paul business.
I went to a Calvary Chapel Sunday meeting once… or it might have been a “Vineyard” meeting. (The two are very much alike.) And the speaker was going through Romans 5.
I was intrigued at how he would deal the verses 18-19… so I waited… and waited…
Finally he got to verse 17.. and I’m not kidding Sister, he JUMPED over 18 and 19 and went on talking about whatever, from v.20 on.
Well, I thought I’d challenge him on that, so I raised my hand, to call his attention (and everyone else’s too) to the fact that he JUMPED OVER 18,19…
And wouldn’t ya know it, the church bouncer (called an “usher”) came over to me, told me to put my hand down or leave the building. So I left.
Most ministers and churches are all over the rest of the bible, but they avoid Paul.
Imagine Joel Osteen visiting Paul in prison, ‘wonder what he’d say to Paul”… silly image, huh?
Or, what would Paul say to Joel?
I tell you, it’s a different world when you spend most of your time reading only Acts and Paul’s letters. The whole nature and character of the “big picture” changes.
It’s a little more “Plymouth Bretherny” and a lot less “Joel Osteeny”.
Just thinkin’
Grace to you Sister.

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