An Open Letter To Frank Viola and the Gene Edwards Churches – Part 2.


It has the most strange and wonderful cover.

And the most strange and wonderful title.

And it answers the most strange and puzzling questions and contradictions you can find in the Holy Bible.

The book lays out a powerful argument that most of the bible is written TO, FOR, and ABOUT the Jews.

Only that thin slice of tasty meat known as THE LETTERS OF PAUL… were written TO, FOR, and ABOUT the Gentile brothers and sisters.

And the argument that if you MIX UP the two distinct messages (the one for the Jews and the one for the Gentiles) you’re going to be confused as H.E. Double Toothpicks.

I got a personal taste of the idea that some things are only for the Jews, way back in 1968… I was only 15 years old. I had become so-called “born again” just a year earlier. And I was starting to read Matthew.
At age 15 I stumbled on something terribly confusing in Matthew… I couldn’t make heads or tales of it.
Then… at church the next Wednesday, I asked Brother Ernie about this puzzling verse in Matthew.

Brother Ernie was the biggest bible student in our church. He was always there, sitting on the front row. Always saying AMEN to the preacher’s sermon. Always had his bible with him. A nice one with leather binding and real thin, silky paper. The kind you keep forever.

“What does this mean?” I asked in earnest (nice pun when you think about it—asking Ernie in earnest).

Brother Ernie was probably 50 years old. (I was sweet on his daughter at the time. Her name was Ellen.) He said to me, “Don’t worry about that, that’s for the Jews.”

I was so relieved.

WOW — Scary as the verse was… it was only for the Jews. Let them worry about it… as a 15 year old boy, I was rather thrilled.

Still… it took me years of study to conclude that ONLY PAUL’S LETTERS apply today… to the saints, as the body of Christ.

So, this book THE FIRST IDIOT IN HEAVEN is not a new topic to me. What is new is how refreshing and fun the book is to read. And how much sense it makes in peeling back all the mismatching concepts and promises made in the Bible about our walk, our faith, our life and the future we look forward to.

Zender does a bang up job.

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I might compare this book to Gene Edwards’ book REVOLUTION (formerly called THE EARLY CHURCH).
Or, I might compare it to Frank Viola’s book PAGAN CHRISTIANITY — (If for no other reason than to tag the search engine algorithm).

But Gene’s book and Frank’s book merely covers the outward appearance of church life — like “no neck ties” and “no church buildings” — they lean a bit towards Paul… but they don’t outright “RIGHTLY DIVIDE” the word of truth. They are still inclined to mix GRACE and WORKS.

THE FIRST IDIOT IN HEAVEN is the book both Frank and Gene should have hid under their pillow at night and digested thoroughly to polish their own work to shine, shine, shine.

(YES, I’M SAYING their work is kinda dull compared to Zender’s work.)

(Gene passed away a few years ago, but maybe someone can get a copy of THE FIRST IDIOT IN HEAVEN into Frank’s hands.)

Anyway… YOU CAN’T JUDGE A BOOK BY IT’S COVER…However, such a strange cover and title for this book PROVES, the author is reckless, fearless, and “not bound by law” KINDA LIKE Paul was.

Don’t buy just one copy of this book, you should buy two or three copies. And if you can’t find Frank Viola’s address, give the extra copy to the pastor of the church you used to go to. Watch him squirm.

Thank you Mr. Zender for putting in the time and energy into writing this amazing book. I know it must have taken you some 30 years to put it together— when all is said and done.

This book, is the key to unlocking every modern day Christian’s heart — freeing them from worry and sin’s reign… into the glorious freedom of the children of God.

Get it now–go here to pick it up

Romans 8:21
That the creation itself, also, shall be freed from the slavery of corruption into the glorious freedom of the children of God.


Someone should make sure Frank Viola sees this.

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