There are at least 74 Bible verses – that prove God intends to save all, reconcile all, justify all, redeem all, make right all…

In fact… some of the verses actually refer to “the all”. Not just “all” – THE ALL.

But you don’t need ‘all them verses’, really. Not if you have an ounce of logic.

PROOF: If there is only “One God” … and God “created all things”… then the only sensible conclusion you can come to is that God either HAS saved all or WILL saved all.

YES, God has begun creation… but it’s by no means finished… What we see before our eyes is still the unfinished, creative process. (Paul calls it “God’s eonian purpose”.)

See Eph 3:11.

Like a kitchen before Thanksgiving Dinner is done – it’s a mess.

But you just wait… everyone will be impressed… you’ll see.

What I’m saying is SALVATION, (it seems to me) is just an extension of creation… or the completion of the creative process.

It’s cheesy of “Christianity” to suggest that God did not create all things… that God did not create ‘evil’ as well as ‘good’. (ISA 45:7)

“Oh no.” they say.

But if God did not create both good and evil, that implies there are two Gods, a good one and a bad one.

And if that be the case, no wonder they shoot cha down whenever you bring up something wonderful like I TIM 4:10.

Or Romans 11:36.

“God is one”… says one verse.

“There is one God.” Says another verse.

Such BIG, BIG, ideas (as “one God”) by itself strongly implies a universal salvation. No verse needed.

But, thank God, we have plenty of verses to clear up this matter. And thank God for Paul who peels back the curtains regarding God’s eonian purpose.

Bending ears on one cup of coffee.


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