NOTES I wrote to the Freewill Chick:

Christ died for all. We were saved before we sinned. Before we believed. Before we were born. As one verse says “from the foundation of the world – the lamb slain.
“Calling what is not apparent as if it were” says Paul.
God gave me the faith to believe these matters long after the matters were established fact.
He was raised because of our Justification, says Paul.
By turning “belief” into the last work you must do… to make salvation real, you turn grace into work.
The reason no one believes GRACE (God showing favor to someone who deserves the opposite) is that if God saves one stinking sinner who does not deserve it, then, since God is no respecter of persons, God must save all… or God is showing favoritism based on something… but based on what?
The calvanists can’t deal with this. The freewillers can’t either.
There is a Baptist who once said… “Behold the lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world.”
You works guys, don’t behold the lamb of God, you behold your contribution… to the scheme. You insist Christ work on the cross is lacking. Scandalous.
You insist the only way to complete the incomplete work of God (on the cross of Christ) is get with the program. Or there’s hell to pay.
Behold the Lamb of God.

I have searched the scriptures as much if not more than most folks. And I can tell you… Believing is vital for eonian life. But eonian life is just one of the things purchased on the cross.
Another thing that was purchased on the cross is “life’s justifying”. See Romans 5:18-19.
Remember, He gives life, and breath and all to all. (Acts 17:25) He doesn’t give eonian life to all, but he does give life to all. And life is not death. Death is destined to be abolished. (See I Cor 15:25) And when death is abolished, all will be vivified in Christ-another thing purchased on the cross.
Behold the Lamb of God. (shhh, don’t tell no one, but He takes away the sin of the world.)

IF A CHURCH calls itself THE GRACE CHURCH but they actually teach works… does the sign out front really mean anything?
Would anyone accuse you of teaching grace?
Has anyone ever accused you of teaching grace?
What would have to change for someone to accuse you of teaching grace?

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