Notes on “Signs and Wonders” and why God does not use them today.

THIS GUY, JASON, teaches Paul’s material over on his youtube channel. Below is my comment on his current topic of “signs and wonders”

WAY Back in the 1970’s I was in with the “signs and wonders” crowd – the pentacostals and charismatics. One day, it dawned on me, that all the great miracles and wonders those guys claimed to have occurred … happened 3 years ago or 3,000 miles away… so you could never prove or verify it.
So, they are a sham.
I think the reason God doesn’t use signs and wonders today… is that it’s not needed in that God is operating in grace.
Showing favor to those who deserve no favor at all, doesn’t require signs and wonders.
But, when God operates in the realm of works and law… then, maybe, you need signs and wonders to get their attention.
I know that personally, I was so relieved to stumble on Knoch’s essay about how God no longer operates with signs and wonders… I said “Why, of course, this matches what I’ve experienced myself… but no one taught it before.
Keep up the good work.”


P.P.S. And for a real treat… GO HERE to see this 300 year old book called “God’s Operation of Grace But No Offers of His Grace“.

Sure, it’s “calvinist” but so what? Calvinist are half-right… in that we don’t save ourselves. But they never get around to the ALL part.


Good point, sir. Years ago, in the 1970’s when I was into signs and wonders… I look back and realize it was mostly a BIG WASTE OF TIME and A COMPLETE DISTRACTION away from the truth (what Christ accomplished on the cross).
At the time, I was doing totally stupid stuff like “laying hands” on and praying for a dead car battery… praying for sick people who were only marginally sick…. and BEHOLD they got well… and “feeling” that God told me to go this direction as opposed to that direction… all silly stuff.
What helped get me out of that silliness was … realizing that all the really cool miracles (walking on water, raising the dead, etc.) always happens 3 years ago and 3,000 miles away.. so you could never, ever verify it. I NEVER saw a totally awesome miracle with my own eyes.
Later, I had to train my eyes to see that most everything is a “miracle” if you look at it that way. Even waking up in the morning, is kind of a miracle.
Got some back pain, “well, it’s great to be alive.” (type of thing)

Regarding all those “miracle” people, like Pentacostals, Kathrine Kulman, Oral Roberts, The so-called “Word Of Faith” people, etc… THEY NEVER REVEL IN THE MIRACLE OF CHRIST’S RESURRECTION… which is the greatest of all miracles. Yes, Lazarus was raised from the dead, but he went on to die again… but NOT CHRIST… when He was raised, He was raised UNABLE to die again. Now we’re talking, right?

Not only was Christ raised… but all that it meant… for all… including the eventual abolition of death for all mankind (I COR 15:22). Now that’s a MIRACLE!!!

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