God Promises the Birth of Death In Genesis 3:16 –
God Promises the Death of Death In I Corinthians 15:26
Adam gave us the birth of death. (Thanks Pal, you really thought that one through, didn’t cha?)
Christ and His cross gave us the death of death. (The “firstfruit” of them that repose. A downpayment, if you will.)
Death sure is a pain in the ass.
We all run just as hard as we can to avoid it – ‘best as we can.
It shapes us, molds us, grieves us, pisses on us.
We can’t even think straight ‘cause death is “working in us” (as Paul says).
We spot believers ‘cause they think differently. They trust God about the matter. And life is working in them. (as Paul says)
We look at the resurrection of Christ and we say…
“Count me in.”
“Oh, I get it now.”
“Why, it’s a marvelous plan.”
And little by little, things begin to change.
Motives change.
Hearts change.
Reasons why change.
Slowly… God becomes our all.
And death loses it’s sting.
Smiles and praises grace our lips.
Our prayers change too.
Now, instead of “special requests”…
We find a prayer for a spirit of wisdom and revelation in the realization of Him feels just right. (See Ephesians 1)
Really, now, what more could we ask for?
As God becomes our all… we trust… that the power of the cross to break death’s back will surely bring everyone along with us… so that God becomes all… in all.
It has to work. That stone was rolled away, don’t cha know.
And the vail was rent, too.
It’s totally unbelievable. Yet, we believe.
What a day.

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