God told Adam not to eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and inconvenience.
Adam said “Screw this.” and took a tiny bite anyway. Things got inconvenient.
Later, Isaiah 45:7 revealed to us… that God created both good and inconvenience.
And Jesus mentioned that the sparrow does not sow nor harvest, nor does the sparrow worry about such things, yet God feeds them plenty. (Just had to throw that in so as to say “Don’t worry”.)
Anyway… there is lots of inconvenient things going around.
And boy do we complain ‘bout them.
Traffic? That’s inconvenient !!!
Weather? That’s inconvenient !!!
And you think your life is inconvenient… “let me tell you about MY LIFE !!!”
Joseph suffered a bit of inconvenience when his brothers sold him into slavery.
Boy that was inconvenient.
Jesus… when you think about it… suffered the ultimate inconvenience when Judas, the high priest and Pilate all gave him the THUMBS DOWN treatment.
Yep, that was inconvenient.
And you think it’s convenient for God, the Father of all, to orchestrate this whole shebang from beginning to end? I’m thinking He’s got His hands full.
Most of us want to tell Him a thing or two.
How much better to just believe Him. Trust Him.
Yea… I know, it’s kind of inconvenient to trust Him, but what choice do you have?
(Pssst, hey Father, I think you’re doing a bang up job of it all. Can’t wait to see the finished product.)
In this life, you will have inconvenience. How’s that for a promise.
But, sooner or later, inconvenience will give way to life, real life. All inconvenience will be abolished, put away, undone, made straight. (I COR 15:20-28)
Lookin’ forward to that. Ain’t chu?
Grace to all you sparrows out there.
I’m chirping with you and for you.

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