1. I’ve seen a video floating ‘round on youtube about the flash of light that happens inside a woman’s body, when the sperm connects with the egg. A FLASH OF LIGHT and life begins.
  2. And we consider the FLASH OF LIGHT associated with Christ’s resurrection, not seen by eyewitnesses but implied the brilliance of the clothing at the empty tomb. (Luke 24:4, Matt 28:3)
  3. And don’t forget the FLASH OF LIGHT that knocked Saul off his feet — to begin God’s gracious dealing with gentiles, the evangel of our salvation and… shall we say… the birth of the ecclesia, which is His body? (EPH 2:13-16, Acts 9:1-5)

That life and birth and change itself would be associated with a flash of light is not a new thought. But the light seen by Saul in Acts 9 needs a closer look.
You see, the twelve apostles only knew the resurrected Jesus.

He was still “Jesus Christ” to them—
He was not yet “Christ Jesus” — it’s a big deal. Hang with me, I’ll explain.

The twelve saw Him ascend, taken away from them in a cloud. But that was all they saw. From then on they had hope and expectation. And yes they were awestruck. But not “blinded”.

Not like Saul was to be.

When we hop over to Acts 9… something strange and wonderful happens. It is Christ Jesus who, reveals himself to the worst of sinners (I TIM 1:16) , in a way He never did to the twelve.

Saul sees the GLORIFIED CHRIST… The twelve never did see this. Why would God pick out a murderous so-and-so, to reveal THE GLORIFIED CHRIST to, but not to the devoted twelve?

A change is afoot.
And we’d do well to pay attention.

Saul becomes Paul. And the Glorified Christ reveals things to Paul — that no one knew before. (EPH 3:1-11)
In fact,
Paul completes the word of God (Colossians 1:25). That’s how great the revelation was.

Yes, it all started with a blinding FLASH OF LIGHT.
And if you’re smart, you’d spend some time in Paul’s letters. More than likely, you’ll see one flash of light after another. And if you’re like me, you say “Wow, God’s purpose makes sense.” (EPH 3:11)

Just thinking’


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