The little child plays games with words, not knowing or having a good handle on grammar, figures of speech, sarcasm, metaphors, etc.
Little children often argue with the parents over meanings of words…
The child says “But Mom, you SAID ‘blah blah blah”. I heard you.”
The loving Mom patiently has to explain that sometimes this word or that word is used figuratively not always literally.
I’m not your loving mom.
And yet here I am, lovingly spanking you as best as I can.
You’re a brat.
A spoiled brat.
Of course we have a will. But it is not free of influence or causality brat.
You are so proud of your current station in life (as you see it). But it really doesn’t become you.
Your focus it always on yourself.
And what you’ve accomplished with your almighty freeeeeeeewiillllllllll.
I know that God will bring you along.
In His own good time.
(I TIM 2:6 “to be testified in due time.”)

You pretend to hearld “the gospel”.
But you’re hearlding…

  1. Freewill.
  2. Eternal punishment for sins.
  3. an Immortal Soul.
  4. Trinity.

There’s nothing in those four things about the purpose of God, the accomplishments of God in the cross of Christ, God as the creator of all and the savior of all.

Your message merely uses hints of biblical truths but quickly reverts to works, works, works, — Just like those assholes from James. They were trouble makers at Antioch, way back then… and you’re one of them today.

“And certain men came from James” — and you better believe they knew and quoted the bible left and right.

But really, they were there to “spy out our freedom”.

Ain’t it funny that those to pretend to believe in “free will” are so quick to lock you up in bondage to the law and works.

And us deplorables from Antioch, (including Paul), believe “All is of God” — Yet we have more freedom that you self-righteous ones do.

Spankings are of God.

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