Paul Completed The “Word Of God”.


I WAS introduced to this idea that Paul’s message of Grace is FOR US, GENTILES, way back in 1980.
I was so steeped in evangelical thinking at the time, that Paul actually confused me in some passages (like I COR 15:20-28) — I had never heard his message uniquely before.

Well, over the years, I’ve concluded we’d do well to mostly ignore the rest of the bible and just read Paul.
It’s even WAY COOL to read an entire letter of Paul at one sitting. Way cool.

And it’s even a trip to read the book at Acts at one sitting.

I really saw the value of Paul’s exclusive message to the pagan brothers, when I moved to this Mormon town where I now live.

Paul says “it was given to me to COMPLETE THE WORD OF GOD.” (Colossians 1:25)

Now, imagine how powerful those words appear when the Mormons show up claiming that Joseph Smith completed the word of God with his golden plates book of Mormon. And they have a dozen other books they claim are just as much “scripture” as scripture.

If you don’t look at Paul’s letters as unique, you’ll tend to create a hodgepodge in your mind as to what the Bible is saying. It’s all over the board.

And the Mormons and Evangelicals rely on INFERENCES MOSTLY… they INFER this and that.

But nothing is clear with them.

Plain statements are easier on the mind.

Inference: “endless hell” from the sheep and goats passage, and lake of fire passage, etc.
By relying on inferences you can get lost in the weeds.

Grace to you. Linwood.

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