Let’s talk about “IN” … “OF”… and “IN” again.
In all our discussions… you’re really hot on “IN CHRIST”… as proof that not all will be justified, reconciled, saved, made alive, etc. You insist… insist… insist… that somehow, the common scum of the Earth must find himself IN CHRIST… or he’s OUT… OUT… OUT I SAY> And so… when I casually say “Oh look, all are made IN CHRIST (Col 1:16) — you then INSIST that there “IN” means “BY” so it doesn’t count. So you win and get the last word. It reminds of all the times you insist that ALL does not mean ALL… except when it fits into your theology, for example “all sin”.

So “all sin” means ALL, but “all justified” doesn’t mean squat. Next, we come to the efficaciousness of the great white throne judgement/lake of fire compared to the efficaciousness of the cross of Christ. Your message seems to be nothing can conquer the judgments of sin, not even the death of the Son of His love. — The GWT and the LOF are immutable! Everlasting! The ultimate! Nothing can top them.

Everything must be viewed from the light of the thunder, lightening and firey wrath of the one with the scary long white beard. Now, regarding “OF”… there are several places which say WE ARE SAVED BY THE FAITH OF CHRIST… But you toss those away, as if the faith of Christ were irrelevant. I have tried to tell you before that the cross is a snare… and a stumbling block. And you seem to prove that it is a snare and a stumbling block to you. The word SNARE in the Greek scriptures is SKANDAL.

And I have to tell you, there is nothing, absolutely nothing, scandalous about a God who does not save all.

A God who only saves the deserving… those who DO the right thing, whether the “right” thing is to do good works, or the “right” thing is to “accept”, “receive”, and “believe” the so-called “gift” of salvation. — No scandal at all.

The real scandal is to save those who deserve the opposite. THAT IS A SCANDAL. You limit the work of the cross, and you maximize the penalty of the sins of the sinner. That’s boring. That’s cheesy. That’s like a B-movie plot from the 1950’s. As for me, give me the scandal… the snare of the cross. The plot line with the greatest twist of all. The plot line where God becomes All… in All. (I COR 15:28)



[ˌprepəˈziSH(ə)n] NOUN grammar

  1. a word governing, and usually preceding, a noun or pronoun and expressing a relation to another word or element in the clause, as in “the man on the platform,” “she arrived after dinner,” “what did you do it for?”.

Of Christ

In Christ

To Christ

For Christ

About Christ

Around Christ

Through Christ.

Prepositions one and all.

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