RANDOM VS. “ALL IS OF GOD” (Romans 11:36)

All is of God.

I was thinking…

  1. There are so many things that go in life, that we give no thought to… that we think are more or less, random.
  2. Note — we don’t “think” about it… we just go along, go about our business and we more or less assume “IT’S JUST A RANDOM EVENT” …
  3. NAH… Nothing is random.
  4. If there is water on the living room carpet…. It’s there for a reason.
  5. If your hair is falling out, it’s falling out for a reason. If you have arthritis… your joints ache for a reason… if your feet are swollen, they are swollen for a reason…
  6. It’s a non-thinking thing to do… to just assume “ain’t no reason, — just happens”
  7. And the world… complex as it is… is also NOT RANDOM… If a country rises or falls… it happens for a reason. If an economy gets better or worse, it does so for a reason. Ain’t no random crap going on.
  8. And to a great degree, we and look over the fence and figure out the REASON for many things.
  9. Often, we can change the course of things by changing (even in small ways) the REASON this or that is happening.
  10. As I see the world… the central bankers have whacked the world to a great degree… Just thinking here… about the church life we all look at these days. We have these things called MEGA CHURCHES… 5,000 members…. And they preach a kind of “prosperity” gospel… and that “gospel” is kind based on the so-called “good economic times” we have had in the past. But what happens of the good times comes to an end? Will those mega-churches continue to exist? Will they have to switch their message, to something more akin to an “embrace poverty” message? A “take up your cross” message?
  11. Things happen for a reason. Ain’t no random stuff going on.
  12. And this goes to the “freewill” teaching we find in main-stream christian belief.
  13. The freewillers hate the idea that ALL IS OF GOD… they don’t want to entertain the thought that “God creates evil” (see Isaiah 45:7, Romans 11:32, etc.)
  14. So, in their effort to shield God from the author of anything bad, they tend to say ALL THIS STUFF IS RANDOM. Or, they BLAME man… or BLAME satan… FOR IT all.
  15. Then… there is the tendency to BLAME MAN or “a man” for this and that… and still not look behind the scenes to see that IF THERE IS WATER ON THE CARPET IT’S THERE FOR A REASON. And if a man does this or that he did it for a reason, or many reasons.
  16. Also… what about YOUR ACTIONS… let’s say you behave in this way or that way… and let’s say you give an excuse for why you did thus and so… do you REALLY know why you did it?
  17. From my own experience… sometimes it takes me 10 or 15 years out from something I did to be able to analyze WHY I did this or that. At the time I did it, I may have said “Oh, I did it for this very good reason.” — When in reality — 15 years later — I could see that I did that action for some much baser or more selfish reason.
  18. There are no random events going on in the universe. Even down to the smallest details of our lives. Things happen for a reason, and often for several reasons going on at once.
  19. The more you understand THE REASONS… the less you are freaked out about things. But — this also— the more you understand and see THE REASONS.. the more things become predictable… and you’re surprised by nothing.
  20. When you’re young and have not put these thoughts together, you’re confused by almost everything. But the more you grow in wisdom and knowledge not even women will surpass you. They too, are quite predictable.
  21. All is God God. (II COR 5:17,18,19. And Romans 11:36)

Grace to you.
Your Ace

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