SALVATION and the Greek verb tense – a “timeless” tense.

THE GREEK has a verb tense that we do not have in English… it’s called the aroist tense… it’s a TIMELESS tense… not quite present tense, but present is the best we can do.
Let’s explore WHY it matters.
When, dear Stacy, is a sinner saved… at the moment he believes, or was he saved before God gave him the gift of faith?…saved by the choice of God.
Keep in mind, if he was not saved UNTIL he believe he was saved, then clearly he was not saved by the cross of Christ.
Let’s say I decide to buy a new Ford truck.
Then, next week on payday, I go down and pick it up.. WHEN did I BUY the truck? On the day I DECIDED to buy it, or the day I picked it up.
AS I see it…We are saved by the work of God in the cross of Christ.We are saved (chosen) before we were born.
We are saved WHEN God gives us the faith to believe.
We are saved when our understanding grows and improves to match with what is true.We are saved when Christ returns to begin the next eon.We are saved finally, when death is abolished.Salvation is planned, multifaceted, and carried out, stage by stage, and finalized.
Not all aspects of salvation happen all at once.
Salvation, after all, is just a common noun. You can be saved from many things.
Saved from bankruptcy. Saved from a ditch.
It might interest you to know, that we got the word SALVATION from latin… and that John Wycliff gave it to us, because when John translated THE VERY FIRST ENGLISH bible, it did so from the latin Vulgate translation.
If… Stacy… If Mr. Wycliff had had to Greek bible to translate into English, we might be talking about THE HEALTH OF THE LORD, instead of THE SALVATION OF THE LORD.
We got a lot of Latin words dumped into our present understanding of things due to Wycliff and the Latin influence of the Vulgate.
Once again, I wish to press upon you, that “all is of God” (Romans 11:36)… therefore salvation is “of God”… that is… it is the work of God. It’s not a co-op work shared between God and a non-god. No. Salvation is of God.
It is not of man.
Grace to you.
The Pagan Brethern, who are annoyed with “some from James”. (Gal 2:12)

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