She says “Read The Fine Print”. No Disclaimers In God’s Saving Plan.

Stacy… If I say..
“God is the savior of all”… and you say…
“Wait a minute buddy, did you read the disclaimer? ; all don’t mean all…”
If I say All is of God… and you say…
“Note the disclaimer; it doesn’t mean that at all” …
If I say we’re saved by the faith OF Christ… and you say… “Hold on there chump, read the fine print; OF means IN…”
If I say all are created IN Christ…. suddenly you say “IN means BY, it’s right there in fine print.”
You’re the one who is advocating for a departure from the faith into a “DISCLAIMER FAITH”… legalistic, works oriented, pull-yourself-up-by-the-bootstraps kind of thing.

It’s like you run your own heavenly TOS (terms of service) fine-print, law-office that runs on and on and on, with that “agreement” that no one can read, cares to read, and would never sign onto if they did read it all.

Why can’t I believe that God is both the creator of all, and the savior of all?

It seems to me that DISCLAIMERS are a departure from the faith.

In the early church (as oppose to the “latter days”) I can’t imagine they had DISCLAIMER classes every Sunday.

Good quote by the way, from Paul, we are in the latter days… and freewillers have sure helped many to depart from the faith. Sheesh… who wouldn’t run from that stuff, when it diminishes Christ’s awesome work on the cross, and makes it into a TRANSACTIONAL salvation, dependent entirely on what man does or does not do…. what man brings to the table… what man can do to make up for the fact that he’s not really saved by the death and resurrection of the Son of His Love.
I would say “grace to you” but apparently you don’t need it.
Your friendly neighborhood Antioch style pagan brother who has no time for “certain men that came from James.”

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