“May I ask…are you hoping to persuade me to become a universalist?”

No. I do not want you to become a universalist.
Instead, I want you to believe God.
God told Abraham he’d be the father of many nations.
Abraham was 100 years old. His wife was 90.
Impossible conditions, right?
Yet, Abraham believes God. And God “spoke of what is not, as if it were.”
God said “A father of many nations have I appointed you.”
Abraham had NO CHILDREN and was too old.
But God spoke of what is not as if it were.
Sensibly… Abraham was too old for God to speak in such a way.
“A father of many nations,” indeed.
Yet, Abraham believes God.

God speaks, in His word, of many great things… and you don’t believe Him.
God is the savior of all. And you don’t believe Him.
God will reconcile all. And you don’t believe Him.
God will justify all. And you don’t believe Him.
God will ransom all. And you don’t believe.

You go to great lengths to say all these things cannot be true. It’s like you’re saying, “Don’t be silly, Abraham is too old.” Yet, God speaks of what is not as if it were.

You spend a great amount of time saying “These things can’t be true, because God only saves, redeems, reconciles, justifies, etc. those IN Christ, and the way you get IN Christ is to follow THIS magic formula.”

But, if GOD is the savior (of all) then, why can’t GOD figure out how to pull it off. After all, He told Abraham “A father of many nations have I appointed you.” And God figured out how to make Abraham a father — OF many nations.

Concerning Abraham… “he believes it of the God Who is vivifying the dead and calling what is not as if it were.” (Romans 4:17)

Not only do you limit the saving power of God by your excessive use of the term IN Christ… you also exaggerate the power and importance of man’s “free will”… and on top of that… you exaggerate the scope and timelines of the judgments of God… as you propose ‘ENDLESS’ punishment for the wicked and non-believing.

Yet, Abraham believes God (Romans 4:3) and I want you to believe God.

God is the savior of all. And if the magic formula requires the sinner to be found “IN” Christ, it is up to the Savior of all to place all “in” Christ.

Believe God.

God is the redeemer of all. And if the redeemer of all, must find a way to limit any judgment in favor of redemption, then let the Redeemer of all redeem all.

Believe God.

God is the justifier of all. And if the Justifier of all, — has to open each one’s eyes to see that life itself is justified (Romans 5:18), then so be it. Let it be done.

Believe God.

It is not becoming of you to believe myths of exaggerated evils and judgments.

One thing that causes you to not believe God is that you often take various scriptures and cram them all into a blender of things. You turn on the blender and make a smoothy of it all.
Like tossing a big bass fish (head and all) and a bowl of blueberries into the blender, and flipping the switch on HIGH.

You see dear one, not all “truth” is the same truth. Some things are “true” at one point in time and are not true at another point in time.

It was once true that “the world is covered in water.” But it is no longer true.

It is currently true that “faith” is required for life eonian. But it is not required when the eons end. Life will then be all… as death will be no more… and will indeed be abolished.

It is currently true that Israel is hardened. But one day “all Israel shall be saved.”

It was once true that the disciples “were not to go into a road of the gentiles.”

Not every truth is a timeless truth But you are forever mixing that which only applies to certain time periods, with what is promised to happen when time as we know it ends. Thus…

You don’t believe God… you believe in your belief.

Your “belief” has it that hell is endless. And entry into salvation is entirely up to the freewill-owning sinner. And that finding oneself “IN” Christ is merely a matter of doing THIS and THAT.

(Please note: “IN” is merely a preposition. Like “through”, “for”, “by”, etc. However, “Christ” is both the noun and the subject of the sentence. And yet, you place your focus on the importance on the word “IN” so that you may limit the redeeming work of our savior. You don’t believe God, you believe in your belief.)

If God is the savior of all, who can stand against the great God of heaven?
If God is the redeemer of all, what can stumble Him and keep the redeemer from redeeming?
If God is the justifier of all, who can condemn what He has justified?

Your faith in man’s freewill will not allow you to believe the God who “speaks of what is not (apparent) as if it were.”

Abraham believes God, and God reckoned it to him as righteousness.

No works. No obedience. He just believes God, with no proof, no evidence, that he would indeed be “the father of many nations.”

Do I want you to “become a universalist?” No, I want you to believe God.
You focus on the sinner… I want you to focus on the Savior.
You “know” all that the sinner MUST do.
I wish you knew all that was done and will be done by the Savior on and through the cross.
You glorify sin and the sinner.
I want you to glorify the savior, the savior of all.
At best, you’ll admit that God is “potentially” the savior of all… but not really the savior of all. Just “potentially” — Only if the sinner does the right thing.

Abraham believed God, who spoke of what is not as if it were.

For what is the scripture saying? Now “Abraham believes God, and it is reckoned to him for righteousness.” (ROMANS 4:3)
Therefore it is of faith that it may accord with grace, for the promise to be confirmed to the entire seed, not to those of the law only, but to those also of the faith of Abraham, who is father of us all, according as it is written that, A father of many nations have I appointed you — facing which, he believes it of the God Who is vivifying the dead and calling what is not as if it were –18 who, being beyond expectation, believes in expectation, for him to become the father of many nations, according to that which has been declared, “Thus shall be your seed.” And, not being infirm in faith, he considers his body, already deadened (being inherently somewhere about a hundred years) and the deadening of the matrix of Sarah, yet the promise of God was not doubted in unbelief, but he was invigorated by faith, giving glory to God, being fully assured also, that, what He has promised, He is able to do also. (ROMANS 4: 16-21)
God is the savior of all. (I TIMOTHY 4:10)
Reconciler of all. (COLOSSIANS 1:15-20)
Justifier of all. (ROMANS 5:18-19)
Redeemer of all. —“this is ideal and welcome in the sight of our Saviour, God, Who wills that all mankind be saved and come into a realization of the truth. For there is one God, and one Mediator of God and mankind, a Man, Christ Jesus, Who is giving Himself a correspondent Ransom for all (the testimony in its own eras), (I TIMOTHY 2:4-6)


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