Stacy of The James Gang, says I’m in error.

“And certain men came from James…”
(Galatians 2:12)

This verse (GAL 2:12), should be as important as John 3:16, yet few preachers today see it’s import.

Dear Friend of the James Gang,
“Your error is that you have been taught to believe that God reconciling himself to the world is SALVATION and it is NOT.”

Thank you so much for pointing out my error.
What would I do without you?
OK, I agree that “reconciliation” is not SALVATION… but surely SALVATION includes reconciliation, agreed?
I’d say, off the cuff, that SALVATION is reconciliation, justification, vivification, and a few other things thrown in the mix as well.
All are (or to be) reconciled — so says COL 1:20.
All are (or to be) justified — so says ROM 5:18-19.
All are (or to be) vivified — so says I COR 15:22.
Now, you make it your business to belittle God’s saving power as much as you can. You want it applied to you and the James gang.
…’cause you guys deserve it for doing the right thing.
But Paul taught us that God saves the undeserving.

Even in the circumcision writings, it says “Jesus was a friend of sinners.”

Perhaps you better not come to Antioch to break bread with us. You still have a lot to unlearn.

Start with Romans.
The Gentile Brethern

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