The one that says “JESUS SAVES”…
We want to know the “truth” right?
And— is it true that “Jesus saves”???
I’m not so sure any more.
It’s not that I’ve lost faith in “my religion”… it’s that I’ve become more serious about “my religion”.
And in becoming more serious… I’ve become more of a Bible student. And guess what… I don’t think “Jesus Saves” is a bible teaching.
However… “CHRIST JESUS SAVES”… IS a bible teaching.
What the difference?


Call me a nit-picker… but I think it’s important.
You see… there is a difference IN THE BIBLE between …

Whenever the bible mentions JESUS CHRIST… it’s referring to our savior in his humiliation. Before the cross, and the resurrection… and especially before His ascension and glorification.
But when you see the term CHRIST JESUS… pay attention. It’s a reference to something wonderful… powerful… it’s a reference to our savior after his glorious accomplishments on the cross and after He rose from the dead and after He ascended to the heavens to be seated at the right hand of God.

“Christ” is a title. “The anointed one”. A title He earned.
And whenever you see “Christ Jesus” as oppose to “Jesus Christ”… pay attention… something wonderful is about to be revealed.

Christ Jesus is most definitely a reference to His role as in “He was born for this”… “He’s right where He belongs.”

Imagine the difference between Joseph and his brothers before they sold him into slavery… and AFTER they came begging him for a little food — when he was the Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Egypt. They didn’t even recognize him. They were just trembling in their nike sandals.

That’s what we’re talking about concerning “CHRIST JESUS”.

Now get this — If you think “JESUS SAVES”… wait till you get a load of what the Bible actually says about the matter:
From I TIMOTHY, chapter one, verse 15…
“Faithful is the saying, and worthy of all welcome, that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners, foremost of whom am I.”

Did you see it? It said “Christ Jesus Saves”.
Not just little ole “Jesus”… but the big, fat, “CHRIST Jesus”.
It’s Jesus in all His glory!

You see, the Baptist, Pentecostal-Charismatic dude with the “Jesus Saves” bumper sticker doesn’t really believe Jesus saves at all.
They believe salvation is possible… but only IF you do the right thing… like repent, say the “sinners’ prayer” go to their church, etc.
The bumper sticker is really a BAIT AND SWITCH advertisement. There are “terms and conditions” — read the fine print.

If “Jesus” (in his humility) saves… just imagine what “Christ Jesus” can do as ruler of the universe !

Jesus saves, right? Does He lose any?
Jesus saves, right? Does He “offer” to save?
Jesus saves, right? Does He merely make salvation “possible”???

I think you can make the argument – from the bible – that Jesus does not save, but Christ Jesus does.

OK… if you’ve read this far, I think you’re ready for the REAL JUICY PART of my morning rant.
Here it is…
LOOK TO PAUL’S MESSAGE for light on Christ Jesus.
The other New Testament writers don’t see the things Paul does.
Paul is all about “CHRIST JESUS”.
It’s important. In fact, it’s more than important – It’s vital.
It’s all about the destiny of all humanity. The destiny of all creation.
It’s all about “Heading up all in the Christ” (EPH 1:10)
Forget bumper sticker christianity.
Find your way into Paul’s 13 letters to the gentile believers. Read them out loud. And read each one at one sitting.
The revelation is great.
The twelve knew Jesus Christ. But…
Only Paul met (on the road to Damascus) the risen, glorified, “Christ Jesus”… So of course, what Christ revealed to Paul was different, more complete, more glorious, more satisfying than anything Peter, James, and John have to say.
Check it out.
Grace to you.


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