The Ace Theological Company’s95 Theses #48

The Siren Call Of Freewill.

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Friday, Feb 11th, 2022
7:05 a.m.

Grace to you dear one,

You won’t be surprised to hear that I went over to a couple of “freewillers” channels last night. As you might imagine, I’m addicted to aggravation and frustration. (As are you-unless you’re reallllllllly spiritual, unlike the rest of us.)
Well, these freewillers were not fond of my take on the universe. You see, I believe God is God. And they will have none of that.
Oh, they’ll mouth those words, but, that’s as far as it goes. Just as soon as they say anything close to “God is God”… they thrown in a big fat “BUT”.
Let’s see if I can give you some BUT action here:

  1. But… God is a perfect gentleman and would NEVER force a sinner to go to heaven.
  2. But… Adam “could” have done the right thing in the garden.
  3. “Oh, I can explain ‘predestination’… you see, God KNEW who would choose Him, so God choose those whom He knew would choose Him first.” — The dude actually tried to tell me something like that.
  4. Here’s a good one… and I’m sure you’ve heard it before… “But Joshua said “Choose you this day whom you will serve !!! As for me and my house we will serve the Lord.”
    I think it was Joshua who said that. It was some Old Testament dude… never mind who said it, the freewillers love to quote that quip as if it PROVES they and everyone out there in the world has a “free” will.
    But just because Joshua blerts out “MAKE A CHOICE”… does not mean you have any super powers to make an alternative choice… don’t cha see.
    The idea behind “freewill” is the notion that we all have the power of CONTRARY CHOICE. Which is bullshit. Hands down.
    So, the mafia hitman shows up at the newly installed chief of police’s office… lays out a pile of cash on one side of his desk and a bullet on the other side of his desk and says “CHOOSE YOU THIS DAY”… HA.
    Chose the bullet in the head or the cash. What kind of “free” choice is that?
    Besides… hang on, I’m going to ask you to THINK with me… Besides, the word CHOICE is merely a movement towards something that has advantages. It’s not something in our control. EXAMPLE: This steak is “choice”… (it was thick and it was not expired, whatever). Choice steak is a thing, ya know.
    The idea behind “contrary choice” is the notion that Yeah, Yeah, you chose item “A”… but you just as easily could have chosen item “B”… And that my friends is bull shit. You chose item “A” for a reason. Or, for several reasons. And if those reasons are there, then there is no way in hell, you can choose item “B”.
    “Freewill” is a twicky word game, that actually has no meaning.
    Sure we all have a “will”… for christ’s sake, but it’s not “FREE” of influence, causality, pressure, etc.
    So, old Josh, comes along and says “Choose you this day whom you will serve.” — He’s not saying anything about whether or not you actually can (at this moment) “serve” the Lord. Josh is just puffing up his chest. He’s not commenting on how the world and the universe actually works.
    Choose the bullet or the cash —? Of course the cop is going to choose the cash. He’s got kids and a wife who doesn’t annoy him too much.
    Choose you this day whom you will serve. Indeed.
    The problem with these freewill junkies, is they use this verse as if it PROVES anything. And it certainly DOES NOT prove endless conscious punishment in a lake of fire, hell, type of thing. But these dudes make the immediate leap from “Choose you this day…” to if you don’t choose right… it’s endless HELL for you.
    My god… arguing with a freewiller is like playing twister… right hand green, left foot blue, they change the direction of the argument as soon as they feel the trap of logic (or challenge) coming on.
    They claim to LOVE the Bible…but as soon as you point out that the word “FREEWILL” is not in the Bible, it’s right foot blue.
    So Josh says to his audience “Choose you this day, whom you will serve, as for me and my house we will serve the Lord.” — And his audience says… “I’m out of here, they just accepted my offer on that house down by the river.” Or… “I’d like to help you Josh, but my mother-in-law is coming to town and I’ve got to help my wife clear out the guest room.” Or… “Excuse me Mr. Josh, but does your offer come with a dental plan?”
    My point is there are tons of things going on in the back ground of our lives… and none of it is “freely” chosen. The crooked cop is crooked for a reason. The wimpy husband is wimpy for a reason. The non-believer is lacking faith for a reason. To assign him to endless HELL… is shallow, 3rd grade thinking.
    Years ago, I had a girl friend who was a 3rd or 4th grade teacher. Young kids. She said that one day, one of her (male) students said “My Daddy says ‘you’re going to hell.’” — Imagine being that school teacher. What do you say to a punk 10-year old, like that? And what kind of trouble is that kid going to give you during the school year because his daddy went off on a moronic tirade about the lady teacher???
    The god awful thing about freewill teaching is that it’s alway married to this endless burning hell-fire crap. And, when I dig a little deeper into freewill thinking, I always see “self-worship” in there.
    “Look at me, I used my freewill and I’m so blessed, I’m going to heaven for eternity.” And on it goes.
    So, this Joshua passage seems to be a favorite among hell-fire freewillers… but my favorite passage AGAINST freewill is Romans 1:25. On the surface, it’s not “clearly” talking about freewill. It says something about “worshiping the creature as oppose to the creator”. But if you take your fingernail, and scratch that verse a bit… read between the lines, you’ll see it’s a perfect commentary on the freewiller’s doctrine.
    Hey… can we ever call it “the freewillers’ doctrine”???
    I have my doubts because it’s such a foggy notion. Words and meanings are not clearly defined when you’re talking to these guys. The closest you can come to it is that — freewill equals randomness.
    Try it out for yourself. Ask a freewiller if Adam in the garden could have done other than what he did???
    Also… ask if God knew the outcome of the garden situation??? And if so… isn’t He responsible for the outcome???
    Their answer will be either vague as hell, or they will boldly say “YES, Adam could have done the right thing.” — As if NOT eating the forbidden fruit was possible.
    Listen… every “choice” we make is a choice we make for a reason — or for MANY reasons. And we cannot do otherwise. And to suggest that Adam (or any of us) can do other than what we’re doing is to argue that outcomes are random and cannot be known or understood.
    And to worship the “free” will of man… and deny that God is running the show — every aspect of the show — is just goofy manmade mythology.
    God is God. The freewill teachers bloviate on and on about the limits of God’s direction and influence on the outcome of all things.
    Maybe if they got rid of the hell doctrine, they’d feel more comfortable with the notion of the Deity of God.
    But you don’t want to BLAME GOD for endless, conscious punishment in hell… nah, that won’t work.
    Joshua was not commenting on how the world works. He was talking to some peeps, and perhaps looking for some allies. But he was NOT saying you have the power of contrary choice. — Freewillers are.
    They are sure that you could have chosen differently than you did. And in fact, they say… OMG… hold on, you might feel a bit of throw-up in your mouth… they say “If you go to hell, you can only blame yourself.”
    Never mind that, if that were true, if you go to heaven, you can only praise yourself. For, praise and blame must come from the same source or you’re just not hip to it, dude. You’re playing RIGHT FOOT BLUE.
    Now… truthfully, there are not many hardcore “freewillers” out there… most folks merely give lip service to the idea. They – by and large – have not wasted two brain cells on puzzling this idea out.
    But the freewill teachers… are eat up with chasing their tales and making you (if you challenge them) chase your tail too.
    Freewill equals random crap, that you can’t know or predict. But, if a thing is predictable, then RANDOM is impossible. And prophecy is impossible.
    Ya know… even our dark overlords, (the ruling elites, like the Rothchilds, and their eugenicists minions) know that human freewill is an illusion. They spend oodles of money on PR and propaganda and TV and movies and momma YouTube, and Google search… all to move our “wills” this way or that way. And speaking of PR and propaganda, ya know, the criminal organization that spends the most money on PR and propaganda is the ones we always call “our government.”
    Ain’t no free will friends. We have a will…. But so what?
    The 19-year old kid joined the army, but he could have done otherwise.
    The 17-year old girl got pregnant, but she could have done otherwise.
    The hotel maid stole some earrings out of the dresser draw, but she could have done otherwise.
    The CEO of that company is now living in a Los Angeles tent city, but he could have done otherwise.
    The cop is working for both the mob and the city government, but he could have done otherwise.
    The “could have done otherwise” thing is the problem.
    “Self-righteousness” rules.
    I’m suggesting that we want to see God. And not just a peek. But we want to see God in all things. It’s a tough concept to be sure. But I believe it’s the only way we can and must go. All of us must see God, eventually. All of us will see that all is out of Him and through Him and for Him.
    There are no verses in the Bible that flat out “teach” that we humans have an absolutely “free” will.
    Those guys rely on insinuating the idea over here and over there. But when it comes to rather clear language from the Bible that GOD IS DA BOSS… the best response they come up with is “Oh, that’s a hard passage.” — that’s it??? That’s all they got??? “It’s a hard passage”???
    So, here are some “hard passages” (no references, find ‘em yourself).
    “God locks up all in stubbornness”
    “God subjects all creation to vanity against its will.”
    “It is not of him that willeth”.
    “God chooses…”
    “God chooses…”
    “God chooses…”
    “God chooses…”
    “God chooses…”
    “God chooses…”
    “God hardens…”
    “God blinds…”
    “God conceals….”
    “God reveals….” Oh, let’s bring up this “JUDGMENT” thing.
    When I was talking to the freewill meathead last night, he spoke of God’s “judgment” as if were an awful, dreaded, thing.
    Now, I’m of the opinion that God is beautiful and lovely. And every aspect of God is something to behold. So, I’m thinking that the “judgments of God” are going to be awesome dude, awesome.
    Now let’s say you’re 16-years old, and you’re walking into the school lunch room, and you have to walk past the table of all the mean girls, and they JUDGE you for how you walk, what you’re wearing, how your hair looks… in such a case JUDGMENTS are awful… But we’re thinking about GOD… here… the God of all, the Father of all, The creator of all, and the Savior of all… why should His judgments be any less lovely than He Himself is???
    I trust God. I trust His judgments.
    I believe in God’s will. And God’s “free” will.
    Only God’s will is not shaped by silly, outside influences and causation. God is influence. God is causation. To suggest that God is not influence and causation… ah… you’re just being goofy, dude.
    “Free” will is a sirens’ song.
    It may sound ok up front… but it’s gonna wreck your ship baby.
    And don’t kid yourself… God blinds and makes stubborn… all of us. And everyone who believes in freewill is right where God wants them for now.
    (See Romans 11:32-36)

8:41 a.m.

… Thanks for looking over my shoulder.
I think it’s warm enough that I can take this laptop to the back porch… so… I’ll take a break, and give you guys the link to come in, while I refill the coffee.
If you have to go, grace to you.
PS What are the 10 plagues in order?
The plagues are:
water turning to blood,
livestock pestilence,
darkness and
the killing of firstborn children.

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