The Ace Theological Company’s 95 Theses #51

…even as Christ was roused from among the dead through the glory of the Father, thus we also should be walking in newness of life. ROMANS 6:4….
25 Who was given up because of our offenses, and was roused because of our justifying. ROMANS 4:25

Can you believe we’ve done 51 typing sessions on this theme?

Wednesday, Feb 16, 2022
6:06 a.m.
It’s 34º out there, a high of 39º expected.
I can’t tell because it’s dark, but I think we got a little snow last night.

Good Morning, Father.
Good Morning, Dear Saint. 

The Freewill Chick has made a new post.
Hang on… coffee refill.
The butler’s off today, so I have to get my own coffee.
Ok, where was I, oh yeah… the Freewill Chick has come out of hiding and made a new video.
It’s only some 3 minutes long, but she’s prattling yet again about how it’s all your fault if you don’t do the right thing, and thus, inferring that you can’t blame God for sending your *ss to hell.
Her 3 minute angle goes something like this: “God gave you ears to hear” (some verse in Proverbs) so don’t blame God if you can’t hear. God has done all he can do… He gave you ears to hear, but if you F it up… you got your ears all clogged up with earwax or something… but don’t blame God… he gave you ears to hear.
Well, the very best part of her video, is the opening seconds, where she’s getting ready, and she makes this mouth popping sound…so cute. LOL.
I started making a reply… then, remembered that we can do it together, here, early in the morning.
Here’s what I got so far…
My reply:
“My favorite part: The initial POP…. so cute.
“For I am not willing for you to be ignorant of this secret…
…lest you may be passing for prudent among yourselves… ROMANS 11:25

“Your message that it’s your own damn fault if you go to hell, is so gangster-like. Mean. Awful. No empathy.
And the real problem with this message of yours is not that you’re blaming the creature, rather than the Creator… the problem is your focus on the whole story is entirely creature-centered. Focused so much on man and man’s response to the so-called “offer” of salvation… that you can’t see God… and I can’t see God in your message. All I see is “I”, “me” and “mine”.

That’s all I got, (I think) for her…so far…
Now… let’s explore a different topic I was thinking about Judas… and how we must see him in the light of God.
How does God see Judas… man… with a tender heart I can only suppose.
You see, without Judas’ role, we could not have a risen savior.
And I was thinking, Judas is Adam. Twins separated at birth. Both were torn between two different directions. Both were hesitant. Both were trapped. Both loved God. Both did something that effected all humanity, in the long run. Both were us, in reality.
I think we can say that Judas loved Jesus as much as any of the 12. I think we can say they all betrayed Him … Peter did. Thomas was full of doubt. They all have much the same story as Judas. We all put Christ on the cross. We are no different than Judas. Only… we haven’t be caught, yet.
So, Judas comes along and give Jesus a kiss. I can’t imagine it was a kiss of total evil… surely Judas did love the Lord, and that kiss must have contained some fondness or affection… oh sure, it was a kiss of betrayal… but what the hell… Judas was among friends, and Jesus was the leader of the clan.
God bless Judas.
Christ died for him.
Christ died for all sinners and all sin… including Judas.
Imagine the tender mercy going through Jesus’ mind, when Judas was kissing Him on the cheek. He knew what was up. He knew what was about to happen. And since Jesus is all that we know of “love”, hell, He had to feel ultimate tenderness toward Judas at that moment. No bitterness. No resentment. No vindictive feelings toward Judas.
Just imagine Jesus Christ, Son of the living God, Savior of the world, saying to Judas, “I’ll get you for that.”
Karen would say that, but not Jesus.
Jesus had a hard job to do. I mean going to the cross and all. But Judas’ job was no piece of cake.
He had to betray the Inaugurator of Life. Who would want that job?????
God bless Judas.
One day, we’ll all have to go up to Judas and thank him for his part in giving us a risen savior.
And it’s not hard to imagine that in the oncoming eons, the Lord out of heaven, has special tender feelings towards Judas. Wow.
In the wisdom of God, God “trapped” Judas into doing what he did. He (Judas) had at least 3 powerful forces moving him along…
1. The prophecy that he would do it.
2. Satan “entered” him to do it.
3. Jesus told him to his face — “do it”.
SIDE NOTE TO EZRA, NANCY and others who question the idea of us having the chance to thank Judas for his role in that awful scene…..
A. God is in the TIMING business. He ain’t a-going to do all things at once. In Hebrews, 1:1 or is it verse 2… it says God made the eons in Christ. Get it? He’s in the timing business.
B. The “Kingdom” is just one time period. And thankfully, there are time periods both before the “kingdom” and after the “kingdom”. (I COR 15:20-28 promises a day, when Jesus will give up the “kingdom”. So… rejoice.
C. God is the Father of all. Including Judas. Including YOU BABY.
D. God doesn’t mind keeping things hidden from the vast majority. As I was saying above to the freewill chick:
God hardens..
God blinds…
God locks up all in stubbornness. (Romans 11:32)
God, (Jesus) speaks in parables so they DON’T get it.
So… the idea that sinners (for whom Christ died) will not end up in the “Kingdom” does not bother me, as I know the “Kingdom” is a temporary thing. What happens after the kingdom… HOT DOG… glad you asked… See Romans 8:20-21… Ephesians 1:10… I COR 15:28…
So there.
God bless Judas. What an unlucky dude. After all was said and done, his heart was sick about the matter. He saw no way out.
Imagine Judas’ torment after the betrayal. He’s got no place among the disciples. He’s got no place among the religious, self-righteous Jews who put Christ on the cross. His whole life was now going to be sh*t.
He was one of the worst sinners in recorded history. Paul was actually the worst, but Judas was right up there.
So of course, Judas’ suicide was inevitable.
OMG… we all owe Judas, a debt of gratitude.
We all owe him at least a handshake and a “Welcome Home” basket.
I can imagine, Jesus’ tears of joy at Judas’ arrival.
Jesus’ first words to Judas might be, “Now you get it? Now, you understand?” — Oh my.
Nothing will be sweeter than that reunion.
Never forget, Jesus is the Savior. He saves. That’s what He does. When Jesus next lays eyes on Judas, ‘whole lotta emotion gonna be happening between those two.
So, the Freewill Chick and her tribe of freewillers all over the world cannot see that our wills are effected by almost everything. Our education, our parents, that left-over pizza we ate last night… everything.
So, Jesus, the Savior, and Judas the betrayer, finally meet at the conclusion of the eons.. their eyes meet… won’t Judas swallow hard… in fear… dread… shaking his head…
And won’t Jesus, the Savior, throw open His arms, and give a great belly laugh… and say, “WELCOME HOME BOY, SO GLAD YOU’RE FINALLY HERE.”
God bless Judas.
Yeah, I know, in our stupid little brains, we can only think of being vindictive if we don’t get our way… so of course we’d project that onto the God of heaven.
But God needed someone to betray His son. He NEEDED Judas. This is and was God’s design.
Oh sure, on the surface of things, Judas and Adam and all of us, “disobey” God’s will… but regarding GOD’S INTENTION ??? That’s a bigger story.
God’s will and God’s intention might be two different things. Romans 9:19 — “For who has withstood God’s intention?”
It’s a rhetorical question, get it? NO ONE HAS WITHSTOOD GOD’S INTENTION.
God bless Judas. He certainly did not withstand God’s intention. God’s will? Yes. God’s intention?… nope.

Opps… got to get going.
7:30 a.m.
Grace to you.
Thanks for joining me… looking over my shoulder. And making comments.

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