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Why Did God Give Me Cancer ?

Friday, Feb 18, 2022…
7:02 a.m.
The snow melted from yesterday, but it’s still cold out there.
It’s 32º out there… and a high of 48º expected.

Good morning dear one,
And good morning Father,

I guess we’ll start with this lousy question:
Why Did God Give Me Cancer ?
The question is such a trap. No answer will satisfy the one asking such a question. One of the “games” in Dr. Berne’s book is called (as I remember) “Oh, that will never work”.
It’s a “game” that some people play in order to waste your time, or elicit sympathy, or some other motivation… but it goes like this: A fella (or gal) comes along and has some terrible complaint or some terrible situation they are in… and you fall into the trap of giving them suggestions as to how to solve the problem… only to be met with that person saying over and over again “Oh, that will never work.”
In other words… they don’t want a solution… they just want to enjoy the complaining and whining, and it goes on and on.
And when you think about it, if you do come up with a solution to their complaining problem… they might even get mad at you. It’s a game. And they get you ever time. — “Oh, that will never work.”
So, someone comes along and says “Why did God give me cancer?” — Are we going to fall for it? Will any answer satisfy? Or is it a trap to get us chasing our tails… to answer an impossible question… a question that’s not even real.
So… just between you and me and the chirping birds… I’ll give some half-*ss answers… just to get the coffee juices something to do.
Did I just mention coffee… excuse me, while I do a refill.
7:16 a.m.
7:22: a.m.

Why Did God Give Me Cancer ?
OK, I’ll take the bait. I’ll give some lousy answers to this lousy question.
1. The word “Solipsistic” comes to mind.
(If you don’t know that word, it’s kind of all about “me”, “me”, “me’.)
2. And, perchance we can move beyond the “ME”, “ME”, “ME” part… Why did God give John Wayne cancer? Why did God give Steve McQueen cancer? That list would be pretty near endless.
3. But, for me, here is my best answer:
From the book of Acts… Paul’s yelling match with the Greek philosophers of Athens. You know, brainiacs. Know-it-alls….
Acts 17: Paul shouts out — something about…
24 The God Who makes the world and all that is in it, He, the Lord inherent of heaven and earth, is not dwelling in temples made by hands,25 neither is He attended by human hands, as if requiring anything, since He Himself GIVES to all… life and breath and all.

28 for in Him we are living and moving and are ,

So, “Why did God give ‘me’ cancer ???
Silly wabbit… God gives LIFE to all… I never heard you say “Why did God give me life ??” Nor, did I hear you giving THANKS for life.
Silly wabbit… God gives BREATH to all… I never heard you say “Why did God give me breath ?? Nor, did I hear you giving thanks for the breath you have.
Silly wabbit… God gives ALL to all. Would it be too much to suggest you give thanks for something? Anything?
Dare I say, that even your ability to complain and whine is a gift of God. LOL.
For God gives life, and breath and ALL to all.
Whiners are of God.
Now… if God GIVES life… who are we to bitch, if He takes it back… FOR HIS OWN PURPOSES.
Now if God GIVES breath… even if it’s only for a short time — I’m inclined to say “Whoa, Thanks Father.”
Now if God GIVES all, to all… dare we suggest that cancer is a “gift” — after all, cancer is part of the ALL which God gives us, right? Or am I going too far outside the solipsistic realm of reality?
I’m so glad God gave life, and breath and all to John Wayne. And Steve McQueen. — And me.
I’m glad God has given life and breath and all, to even annoying game players.
So, “Why did God give ‘me’ cancer ???
What else did God give you? Start there !!!
Life? Breath? All?
Start there.
Shhhhh…. God gave you Christ !!!
Don’t tell “nobody” (which is a double negative, which means; do tell everybody.)
So, “Why did God give ‘me’ cancer ???
Indeed, — did you see the word “give” there?
As in “gift”… How about this:
So, “Why did God GIFT ‘me’ cancer ???
Are we gettin’ down yet?
Keep in mind, I don’t recommend you share this episode with the persnickety or any one with a “know-it-all” attitude… you know, like one of them “stoic philosophers” from Acts 17 in Athens…. When they ask you such a question like “Why, why, why, did God give me cancer?” — They don’t ask with tears in their eyes… they ask with resentment in their voice… it’s a trap. They want to bring you down to their level of whining. “The Games People Play” is a good book. I recommend it to any and all.
If you’re naive, it will help you avoid the traps of the game-players. If you’re a game-player you’ll find your own name on every 3rd page of the book.
And most of life are various games we play with one another.
God bless John Wayne.
God bless Steve McQueen.
And if you have cancer… God bless you.
God gives life, and breath, and all, to all.
From verse 28….
For in Him we are LIVING…
… and MOVING…..
…. and ARE.
To a great degree, we have been exploring God’s purpose — God’s eonian purpose.
And if God gives us LIFE… it’s for HIS purpose.
If God gives us BREATH… it’s for HIS purpose.
We don’t have much of a say in the big picture or the small picture. We are His. He gave us life, and breath and all.
So, knock it off, with this damn attitude as if you are your own piece of work.
Dr. Berne’s got your number.
It’s ok, not to understand God’s eonian purpose. Most never bother to explore the question. But I can tell you this… it’s an “eonian” purpose… meaning, it has limits. It has a beginning and middle and an end. And, if God sees fit in His eonian purpose, to give you LIFE — lucky you…. And BREATH — lucky you… And ALL — lucky you. What’s a little cancer????
The Giver of Life, surely has the right to take it back. The Giver of Life, seems to have a message for us, in the cross of Christ… He gives LIFE to Christ, and for a few days, took it back. But THEN… He gave Christ LIFE beyond the reach of death (GK “vivification”) — So, can we see the promise of God and the PURPOSE of God in the cross of Christ? Well, some of us can. But soon enough… we’ll all be able to. And when all of us come home and stop playing games … solipsistic games… every knee will bow, and every tongue will shout… and acclaim… and sing the praises of Him who lead the way… “Jesus” the name above every name.
Wait a minute… When Jesus was on the cross… didn’t He have a “Why Me?” moment? Didn’t He say “My God, My God, why have you forsaken me?” Isn’t that the same thing as saying “Why did God give me cancer?” — Can we see ourselves in Christ?
I’ve had family and friends die of cancer.
God gives life and breath and all to all.
And the purpose of God apparently includes more than a nodding acquaintance with death and its pals (pain and suffering).
On the 3rd day… something happened.
On the 3rd day… our answer came.
On the 3rd day… ever mouth was stopped.
(Except for the whiners who haven’t caught on yet. But they will— every knee will bow, every tongue will acclaim.)
On the 3rd day… a new operation was revealed.
On the 3rd day… an earnest payment was displayed for all.
On the 3rd day… the consummations of the eons were revealed. He rose. And we are in Him.

8:19 a.m.
Grace to you.
Thanks for spending some time with me.
Exit: Stage right.

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