The Ace Theological Company’s 95 Theses #55

The hidden meanings behind GRACE

Wednesday, Feb 23rd, 2022
4:58 a.m.
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Good Morning Saint,
I thought we’d explore the hidden meanings behind GRACE this morning. Why not, nothing better to do than ‘revel in grace’… that’s what I always say.
I’m sure you’ve seen those so-called “grace preachers” … like John MacArthur, (is that the guy’s name?) — who calls his ministry “Grace To You”.
And others out there like the typical church you might drive by called “Grace Baptist” or whatever.
Well, the problem (as I see it) is those guys are not very gracious. They’re kind of proud, if you ask me. And grace… if I’ve got the right definition of the thing… is humbling, not pride-sticking.
And remember, “pride will stick to anything, even the Nazi’s were PROUD of being Nazi’s” … so, just because a fellow is “proud” of something, doesn’t mean that something is much to be proud of … get me?
A lot of silly-ones, in the christian faith are proud of their “beliefs”. And if they “believe” they are saved by something called “grace”…. Oh my, they are so proud of it… don’t cha see.
Well, my understanding of GRACE is that it’s a very humbling situation. It’s not something you can actually be proud of… it’s like, you MUST acknowledge that something is not “fair”… something is not “right” as men judge “right” and “wrong”.
GRACE is favor shown to one who deserves the opposite of favor.
And I swear on a stack of Playboy Magazines, “grace” is really one of the most hated topics in christian circles.
You’ll find “grace” emphasized mostly in Paul’s letters of the Bible. The rest of the Bible is written to… for… and about the nation of Israel. But Paul’s letters were penned to all the bad boys out there, who were not “Israel”… and had no training in the law and the prophets. No clue at all.
Check this out:
If, “grace” is favor, given to one who deserves the opposite — that means — like — you’re watching a basketball game, and you know the BLUE team lost, flat out lost… but the refs GIVES the game to the BLUE team… who did not DESERVE to “win” the game…but they gave it to them anyway… and you’re pissed. It’s not fair. What’s wrong with those refs ???
Now, I don’t care much about basketball. But, I did watch the last game of that famous basketball player, what’s his name??? Michael Jordan? Yeah, that guy.
Keep in mind, up until that game, I had never watched a basketball game all the way through, before. But this Michael Jordon guy was so famous, so much in the news for years, and this was to be his last game, so I sat down and watched it.
And as I saw the game unfold, the refs we cheating in Jordan’s favor. They should have called him OUT over and over again, but NO, they let him get away with “murder” so to speak.
Again, I don’t give a fig about basketball, or Michael Jordan. But I understood WHY the referees were essentially “cheating” in favor of the guy. He was a good player, but he had made so much money for the basketball industry… and this was his last game… and of course everyone wanted him to go into retirement with honor — So, all his fouls and double-dribbles, and “mistakes” we’re overlooked, and those refs showed him — GRACE… “favor shown to those who deserve the opposite”.
I’m watching the game… and I don’t really care about basketball or Jordon, but even I was a little mad at the refs for “showing favor to this dude who did not deserve the favor.” — But, it was his last “hurrah” so cut the guy some slack, right?
The refs, had a purpose in letting Jordan cheat.
And when we survey the purpose of God… (Ephesians 3:11) we can see why God would CHEAT on our (believers) behalf.
Grace is cheating. Grace is not fair. Grace pisses off those who are sitting on the sidelines, just watching God’s operations.
God is showing favor to knuckleheads who flat out don’t deserve the special treatment.
The Jews of long ago were terribly pissed that Paul was out there bringing gentiles to a place where they too “revered” God… and he did it “aside from the law”… boy were they pissed.

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Coffee refill time…
Hang on…

5:37 a.m.
Back at it…

So, we’re trying to wrap our minds around this GRACE THING. — God showing favor to those who deserve the opposite. That kind of means… God is cheating, as we judge things, right?
God is bringing us yahoos into the game and letting us “win” — giving us a favored position in his plan and purpose… why, that’s just not ‘right’… that’s not ‘fair’.
No wonder, the christian world hates “grace”… they want to earn God’s favor. Just like the Pharisees of old.
They may give lip service to “grace” but just as soon as they take another breath, they’re all about works, and law, and what you MUST do and not do to get into God’s “kingdom”.
The snow plows just went by.
So, in GRACE, God cheats on our behalf.
Why? What’s the meaning of all this???
When I watched the last game of Michael Jordan, I could see that the refs were letting him get away with everything BECAUSE it was his swan song. Without him, all those years, they wouldn’t have a job. And the team owners wouldn’t have sold all those advertising slots… and shoes, and shirts, and tickets, and everything.
So, maybe, metaphorically, we can say Michael Jordan “saved” basketball, and he “earned” the right to be honored so, on his last game.
But, the question before us is… what did WE do to deserve such special treatment from the God of heaven? Nothing as far as I can see. The fact that we’re brought in by faith… has nothing to do with our talent, or contribution or any such thing… this is the plan and purpose of God.
And the reason GRACE pisses off regular ole christianity, is they are trying so hard to earn a place in God’s operations… but it doesn’t work that way.
And guess what… they secretly know that if GRACE is a thing… it means God can cheat all the way to get all that he wants. And God can save all. Because the show is His.
Never forget, we’re told numerous times that GOD IS NOT PARTIAL. — And that means if God saves just one yahoo who does not deserve to be saved, He has to save all… or God is cheating. He’s showing “favoritism” — I guess we’re trying to see if GRACE and FAVORITISM are one and the same? Help me out.
Does God play “favorites”?
I think not… that’s why, I suspect, “universal salvation” is a thing.
Does God play “favorites”?
It seems so… but we’re only at half-time, let’s see where the whole show ends up, right?
Does God play “favorites”?
He did “favor” Jacob over his twin brother. And his twin was born FIRST… not fair.
God is not fair. He’s got this bigger picture going on in His head… and He doesn’t share the insider game plan with us… so much… Most of God’s dealings with humanity are clouded and shrouded, and mankind is clueless as to what God is up to.
Hell, God sent His own Son to Israel and they hung Him on a pole. That’s clueless if you ask me.
So, God comes along and shows FAVOR (grace) to a bunch of us who deserve the opposite — and all those guys out there who are trying their best to DESERVE IT… scream and screech… and stomp their foot. They know it’s not fair.
Hang on… let me find that verse in Acts…
I found it… Acts 18… check it out:

12 Now, Gallio being proconsul of Achaia, the Jews with one accord assaulted Paul, and they led him to the dais,
13 saying that, “Aside from the law, is this man inducing men to revere God.”
What’s going on in this verse? Well, the Jews were pissed at Paul for bringing Gentiles in to a place of reverence for God. And he did it “aside from the law”… The Jews had worked so hard… and here the bad boys from the outside world were just loving the same God too… “We can’t have that.” They were kind of saying. So they got mean and nasty with Paul.
And the religious of today are still mean and nasty with Paul and Paul’s band of recipients of GRACE.
So, if God “cheats” on your behalf, and says “YOU WON” when you know you did not win… isn’t that humbling? You know, you didn’t deserve to win any special awards, or trophies !!!
And yet you were chosen !!!
God must have a bigger plan going on than we realize. Why, the “Creator of all” just might be the “Father of all”… and just might be the “Savior of all”. Now that’s a big plan.
So, the haters of GRACE come along and clearly change the definition of GRACE to be something less than Gracious.
They say “God offers grace”.
Check it out… if God “OFFERS” grace, then “grace” is no longer “grace”. It’s an earned reward… it’s a contract in which you keep your end of the bargain and God will keep His end of the bargain.
And God is less than “gracious”… he has to be “stern” if ‘grace’ is merely an “offer”.
CHECK IT OUT, BOYS AND GIRLS…. There is no such phrase in the Book of God as “God’s offer of Grace”…. It’s shameful that christians would use such a term… once you get clear on what exactly GRACE is.
God operates in grace. But does not ‘offer’ grace.
Those SOBs who change the word of God and the concepts of God and the purpose of God need to be spanked. They’re cheating… but then again… I’m arguing that God saves cheaters. For His own purpose. So, “Chill brother Ace, chill.”
God cheats on our behalf.
We don’t deserve any special treatments. But God changes the rules on our behalf. Anything we do… if it’s all wrong… why in God’s eyes, it’s all right.
The vast majority of “christians” are so rule-conscious… so works-oriented… that they just hate this grace business.
And even the guys with “grace” in their name… like John MacAuthor’s outfit, and the “free gracers” are afraid to carry this idea all the way out to its logical conclusion… THE RECONCILIATION OF THE WHOLE UNIVERSE. (Colossians 1:20)
Why are they “afraid”????… Maybe they’re just playing it safe… Just in case God is holding a grudge against ‘cheaters’…. It’s a funny thought, I know… but check it out… God cheated on behalf of everyone… CHRIST DIED FOR ALL, and HE WON… and the proof that He WON is that God raised Him from among the dead and GIVES HIM A NAME ABOVE EVERY NAME… get it? A NAME ABOVE EVERY NAME means universal reconciliation.
So, those guys hate grace, but why?
Well, ya know… “pride will stick to anything” and there’s nothing in God’s ‘operation’ of grace, that they can be “proud” of… so they change ‘God’s operations of grace’ into ‘God’s OFFER of grace’… and it makes a mess of things.
If God’s grace is an “OFFER” and the average ole christian “accepts” the “OFFER”… and keeps up his end of the ‘bargain’ … then the christian can be proud. Real proud that he accepted the so-called ‘offer’.
Instead, God operates in grace.
Wow, the implications are HUGE.
To continue with our metaphor of Michael Jordon…
And our understanding of GOD’S OPERATIONS OF GRACE… the refs let Michael Jordan get away with all kinds of crap in his last game.
But Michael Jordan was not the boss.
And the refs were NOT the boss.
The real “boss” was somewhere behind the scenes.
So, if God brings us into the ‘game’ and let’s us win a spot at His right hand… who are we to argue with God’s eonian purpose ???
God bends the rules.
The birth of Jesus in Bethlehem, was God bending the rules. The resurrection of Jesus was definitely God bending the rules. And God bringing us bad boys into the fold of believers is also God bending the rules.
And if the self-righteous don’t like it, they can bite me.
We are saved in Grace. — Grace is the favor shown to those who don’t deserve any special treatment or recognition and in fact, deserve the OPPOSITE of favor… and it just ain’t FAIR… so bite me again.
Take it up with God.

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6:40 a.m.
The sun will be up at 7:11 a.m.

Now get this… anyone out there preaching that human “freewill” has anything to do with man’s eternal destiny… is clueless about this GRACE thing.
— the coffee is a little cold… oh well, onward.
The typical freewill preacher insists that “If a man goes to endless hell he can only BLAME himself !!! ”…
I’m here to report: the fellow who says such things is clueless about GRACE.
GRACE is the favor shown to UNDERSERVING rascals. BLAME… is kicked out the back door.
GRACE is God’s ‘cheating’ program… where God brings in a fellow who deserves BLAME but gets UBER REWARDS… get me?
And if God takes one fellow who actually deserves BLAME… and rewards that fellow with justification, redemption, reconciliation, salvation, and a special place at the table of God… THAT IS NOT FAIR…
And freewillers preach FAIRNESS.
The freewillers insist that God will not “violate” man’s freewill… WHO ARE THEY KIDDING ??
The whole operation of God is a violation of man’s so-called ‘freewill’ !!!!
I don’t know if you been keeping up with current events but God violated Jonah’s freewill.
I don’t know if you been keeping up with current events but God violated Pharaoh’s freewill.
I don’t know if you been keeping up with current events but God violated Saul of Tarsus’ freewill.
Everyone wants to have their cake and eat it too.
No one uses their freewill to come on board.
God operates in grace.
God does not “offer” grace.
And that is good news worth spreading.
And grace is … truthfully… humbling… there is nothing in our calling to be “proud” about.
The only thing we can and should be ‘proud’ about is what God did in Christ’s cross.
Check out the word “GLORY”… I think you’ll find the core meaning hidden in “glory” has something to do with having PRIDE in some accomplishment.
And Romans 6:4 is very clear about God taking pride in what His boy accomplished on the cross. Hang on, let me copy and paste it here:
Romans 6 —
4 We, then, were entombed together with Him through baptism into death, that, even as Christ was roused from among the dead through the glory of the Father, thus we also should be walking in newness of life. “through the glory of the Father” it says…
…not the “glory of God”… but the “glory of the Father”… something is going on here between a Father and His Son. It’s a pride thing.
What God achieved in Christ’s cross, allowed Him to “cheat” and save anyone and everyone He wants to save… which, lucky for us, is ALL.
God’s operations of grace, are very humbling indeed. We double-dribbled all the time. We were caught walking all the time. We fouled all the time. We stepped out of the lines all the time. We even missed the basket and we were given 3 points anyway.
Can you see the magnificence here?
We want to magnify God’s GRACE… not man’s “freewill” co-operation. God brings in cheaters, not the deserving. Get it?
God has something up his sleeve. Even Paul says this thing is “the untraceable riches of His grace”… in Ephesians. (KJV ‘unsearchable’).
The message of GRACE and FREEWILL are opposed to each other. You can’t reconcile them.
Freewill is prideful.
Grace is humbling.
That “untraceable” business is in Ephesian 3… let me paste it in for you….
7 of which I became the dispenser, in accord with the gratuity of the grace of God, which is granted to me in accord with His powerful operation.8 To me, less than the least of all saints, was granted this grace: to bring the evangel of the untraceable riches of Christ to the nations,9 and to enlighten all as to what is the administration of the secret, which has been concealed from the eons in God, Who creates all,10 that now may be made known to the sovereignties and the authorities among the celestials, through the ecclesia, the multifarious wisdom of God,11 in accord with the purpose of the eons, which He makes in Christ Jesus, our Lord;
Feast your biddy eyes on that for a while… there is so much there… it’s my back-up passage for this message but I’m not even touching it in any depth yet.
All I’m saying is —
God does not ‘offer’ grace… instead —
God OPERATES in grace.
And all this stuff was “concealed” for a long time. And by any measure you look at, it still seems to be “concealed” from the vast majority who claim to “be on God’s side”.
Wait a minute… doesn’t verse 10 say this stuff is being reveal to some muckily-mucks in high places??? Could we infer that regular ole christians are NOT those muckily-mucks, so they don’t see it yet? Just thinking.
Grace is humbling. There’s nothing in the operations of God that we can brag on. Our brag can only be in what Christ accomplished on Calvary’s hill.

Be sure to leave a comment or two, and tell me that I’m fulla bulla or whatever.

Grace to you.
7:18 a.m.

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