I’m basing my thought here on the phase “the snare of the cross“…used by Paul in one of his letters.
Paul’s argument is that Christ died for sin. And Christ died for all. Therefore all are saved, whether they know it now or not.
Most don’t know or appreciate it yet… but that’s OK for now.
But one day, (Paul says) every knee will bow and every tongue will acclaim Jesus as Lord. Wow. What a thought, huh?
You see, God has this “time” thing going on.
In the Bible, it often talks about the eons of time. (In fact, the Greek word AION is used 193 times. Eon is the English word for AION).
In the Bible you have…
“before the eons”
“the eons to come”
“the conclusion of the eons”
“this eon”
“the eons made in Christ”.
Most English translations really screw up the TIME concepts by translating AION as “age”… “forever”… “eternal”… “world”, etc.
For example, the beloved King James Version of the Bible uses the phrase “NEVER”… for the passage that actually says “not for the eon.”
Do you see how our concept of time and eternity might be off?

Well, this little problem, has led many Christian preachers to say that “eternal hell” awaits sinners who don’t get it together and “do the right thing”.

I’m suggesting to you, that, that is a cheesy view of God and his purpose.

So, this angry God, can’t handle sin and evil so He burns the sinner in hell forever… right?

How is that any different than the ancient gods of Greek mythology?

Those Greek mythological gods also had it out for their enemies.

Cheesy, huh?

Well, what if Paul was right about the one, true God. What if He is the savior of all mankind, especially (but not exclusively) of believers??? (See I TIMOTHY 4:10)

The idea that you can do this or that and guarantee your own salvation seems to please a lot of folks.

But the idea that God saves even those who deserve the opposite (GRACE) seems to piss folks off. Thus, Paul calls it “the snare of the cross.” (The word “snare” in the Greek New Testament is “skandal”.)

How scandalous of God to save those who don’t deserve it. And in fact deserve the opposite. How dare He?

If God only saves those who qualify… that’s really cheesy, if you ask me.
God, who created all… must redeem all… if God is God.

Anything less, means He didn’t plan things out correctly. Or He’s taking a “gamble” on the outcome of all.

Colossians 1:20 says all will be reconciled.
Romans 5:18 says all will be justified.
I Timothy 4:10 says He is the savior of all.
I Timothy 2:4 says He wills to save all.
Ephesians 1:10-11 says “all in due time.”

There are other verse which indicate that the plan of salvation is bigger than anything we could imagine.

For example:
Romans 11:36 says all is of God.
And I Corinthians 15:28 says one day, God will be all… in all.

Happy Monday,

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