The First Idiot in Heaven: Secrets of the Apostle Paul and Why the Meek Merely Inherit the Earth

The First Idiot in Heaven: Secrets of the Apostle Paul and Why the Meek Merely Inherit the Earth

On Earth, Jesus taught a strict message to Israelites about obeying the law–or else. But after Christ returned to heaven, He gave a new message of pure grace to the apostle Paul, telling Paul to take the message to Gentiles–all the non-Israelite nations. Ever since then, people have confused these two messages, trying to do law, while talking about grace. But it’s either/or–not both. This video introduces you to the Scriptural teaching of two gospels: One to Israelites, and one to Gentiles. “For I (Paul) was entrusted with the gospel of Uncircumcision (no law), according as Peter (was given) the Circumcision gospel” Galatians 2:7.

Martin Zender is known as The World’s Most Outspoken Bible Scholar. He is an essayist, conference speaker, radio personality, humorist, and author of seven books on spiritual freedom. His essays have appeared in the Chicago Tribune, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the Cleveland Plain Dealer, and other newspapers. He has hosted the Grace Cafe radio program at WCCD in Cleveland, and the syndicated Zender/Sheridan Show at flagship station WBRI in Indianapolis.Zender’s unique mix of scholarship and entertainment has gained him an enthusiastic following world-wide. A champion of Scriptural integrity, Zender heralds truth over tradition, faith over fear, and plain speech over theological jargon. He lives with his wife Rebecca Tonn in Colorado Springs.

5.0 out of 5 stars Priceless for anyone seeking the truth about the ‘hell’ and ‘redemption of all’ issues.

The first 50 pages were amazing and worth every penny and the investment in time. Martin’s writing style is for laymen and fun to read. Anyone struggling with the contradictions in the New Testament over God’s plan to save all and the verses that seem to say that hell is real (The “PROOF TEXTS” FOR HELL – AND THE PROOF TEXTS FOR SALVATION OF ALL) will find this book a huge help. Zender explains biblically so well that Paul’s audience is THE WORLD (the uncircumcised) and the gospel writers along with Peter, John and James were addressing the Jews (the circumsized).
When we understand the different message to the different audiences – the contradictions go away and the puzzle pieces fit.

Here is a truly a fantastic book that will just open the eyes of your understanding as to the Apostle Paul’s mystery Gospel given to him by the resurrected Christ. Martin Zender takes time using some humor to fully explain what the differences are between the circumcision[Israel] and uncircumcision[Gentile] Gospels. Who knew there were 2? This blows open wide the doors to gaining full understanding of the scriptures and how they apply to each differently!
Pick up this book if you are like me and were just not connecting the lines and understanding scripture! Again WOW!!!

This book was awesome! If you were attending a mainline church and you just felt something was not right read this book. You will learn things you have seen for years and just couldn’t get. Go slow and take your time it will take time to rewire your brain. Buy yourself a concordant literal new testament and really STUDY what is being taught in this book. Good luck remember Grace is a much better way!!!

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