What If… The Great White Throne Is Gonna Be Very Much Like Saul’s Experience On The Road To Damascus?

For the life of me, I don’t get why freewillers love to preach about the “GREAT WHITE THRONE”… but we barely hear a whisper from them about The Work Of God In The Cross Of Christ .
Have they lost their ever-loving little-minds?
They talk about the “great white throne” so much they reduce it to an abbreviation: The GWT.
Ain’t that sick?
But… what if…
What if Paul’s salvation was a “pattern” of things to come?
Well, what do you know… Paul even says, (in I TIM 1:15-16) that he was shown mercy and saved AS A PATTERN of things to come.
Not only that, but Paul says he was the WORST OF ALL SINNERS. Check it out.
So… what if the “GWT” was not a hinderance to salvation but a necessary step, along the way to salvation, for most? Like Saul’s “judgment day” on the road to Damascus?
Was Saul saved on the road to Damascus? Kinda. But he was really saved by the work of God in cross of Christ.
Did Saul say “the sinners prayer” on the road to Damascus? No.
The best he could utter was “Who are’t thou Lord?”
And Jesus replied “I’m the guy you’re pissing off.”
And nothing more needed to be said.
Saul became Paul.
A “pattern” indeed.
So, how exactly do you pray “the sinners’ prayer”?
Well… You might say “Uh-oh, who are’t thou, Lord?”
And thus, the journey begins.
And essentially the Lord will say “Arise, go into the city, and it will be shown to you how you might have to suffer a bit.” (It’s not a “think and grow rich” message.)
So, flip back and forth between I TIM 1:15-16 and Acts 9:1-16. And tell me if I’m wrong.

We need “patterns” to make sense out of life and progress. and Paul clearly says he was the worst of sinners and he was a pattern of things to come.

I suspect that’s good news.

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