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Once in a while, some “nut” will come on this channel and try to stir up some things by preaching about the importance of freewill, the adamic race, the 70 weeks, the hidden meaning behind a meaningless word to two.

Well… I just wanted to share a thought about “nuts”.

Years ago, I found an old book in a used book store called
It was a book about MYSTICS.
So I brought it home because at the time, I was following and trying to learn from some mystics in the Christian faith.
Namely, Madame Guyon, Brother Lawrence, Watchman Nee, Witness Lee and of course my old buddy; Gene Edwards.

I was sure that these guys, (the mystical brethren) were WAY more spiritual than the Baptists and charismatic Christians I was reared in.

So, this book might teach me something, right, it’s about mystics, right?

As soon as I opened it and began reading the dang book… it smacked me with some words I’ve never forgot.

It said that the only thing mystics have in common is they all have their own vocabulary, and you can never figure out if one mystic agrees with another, because WHO THE HELL KNOW WHAT THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT?


What Brother Zender is doing here is giving us the tools to have a consistent and decent vocabulary regarding the things of God.

And he’s not making all this stuff up in his head.

First of all, he’s using the CONCORDANT translation of the Bible.
Secondly, he’s studying the Bible in a CONCORDAT METHOD.

And he’s doing a fine job of it, in my opinion.

The big idea behind the Concordant Bible, is that ONE Greek word or Hebrew word, should-as near as possible- be translated with just ONE English word— for consistency’s sake and sanity’s sake, and to let the reader make up his own mind about what God has said.

The big idea about studying the Bible in a CONCORDANT way, is this: what ever the topic, you look up all the places where the subject is mentioned, and THEN form your conclusions. That way, you don’t bring your own ideas to the Bible, and force your ideas into it.
You let it give you the ideas instead.

For example you might look up all the places where the word SPIRIT is mentioned, before you try to determine what is or is not “spiritual”.

Or you might look up DEATH, to see what exactly is DEATH.

You might look up TRINTY and be mad to find the stupid word is not in the Bible at all. So forget it.

The CONCORDANT METHOD of study (and the concordant version) takes the power away from “MYSTICS” (nuts, really) and gives you the power to determine what the heck’s going on here.

The power the MYSTICS have, is slight-of-hand tricks, with words and meanings and nonsense really.

In my younger says, I was sure these mystic guys were “spiritual” because I had no idea what they were saying.

Now I’m sure they are NOT spiritual… not any more than I am, and I’m not trying hard at all to be “spiritual.”

You see… these days I believe “GOD IS THE SAVIOR” (I TIM 4:10) and I am not my own savior. Pretty cool, huh?

The secret power of the Concordant version and the Concordant method of study, is that you reach CONSISTENT CONCLUSIONS.

What a relief.

Thank God Martin Zender is not a “mystic”.. and yet, it’s mystical that he’s not a mystic. Get my meaning?

Anyway, stop what you’re doing, order yourself a Concordant Literal New Testament, and order up all of Martin’s books, and enjoy the ride. As we await our savior. You know… that “expectation” thing.

And tune in… NOW IN COLOR (as the 1960s TV shows use to say.)

Grace to you. All of you.

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