Dear Freewill Worshipper,

You have an incantation for salvation… certain steps and procedures… like a witches brew.

What if God is the Savior? What if your incantation is off? Even slightly off?
Is His arm so short that He cannot save?
You seem to be an expert on so many things. It makes my head hurt.
Why can’t we just trust/rely on God-to save — to be the savior — ???
Is His arm so very short?
You’re right… I have been taught that God is the Savior.
But YOU clearly teach that we save ourselves by following certain steps, and certain procedures… that the death and resurrection of the Son of His love means nothing unless you do this and that and this and that.
And on top of that — you and your merry band of yahoo’s from James also teach that even if you preform the incantation in just the right kind of way… something could be amiss and you’d still go to hell and deserve every bit of it.

FACE IT GIRL… WHAT if you’ve said and done the incantation all wrong… and you’re on your way to hell,

even though you think you’ve done everything you SHOULD do to be save. John MacAuthur, The Bible Answer Man, Billy Graham, — they too are sure that hell awaits all those who don’t do the incantation just right. What’s the deal, girl? Are you bound for hell???
Since you don’t trust that GOD IS THE SAVIOR, don’t you think you better worry a bit?

You see, pretty girl, I know Christ saved you on the cross 2,000 years ago.

YOU Said… A few years ago, He gave you a measure of faith–as a result of His saving work–!!!
(Romans 12:3-God gives to each the measure of faith)
Faith is a result of salvation, not the cause of it. You must be saved FIRST before any “belief” in salvation is meaningful.
If you were not saved by Christ’s work on the cross, then no amount of believing Christ’s work on the cross will change what is not into what is.

You were saved before you were born. Before you did anything good or bad. (Romans 9:11)
He designates you beforehand. (Romans 8:29)
You were chosen in Him before the foundation of the world. (Eph 1:4)
He was the lamb slain before the foundation of the world. (REV 13:8)

So much happened long before you showed up — to insure, guarantee that God would get the outcome He wants.

He wills all to come to a realization of the truth and be saved. (I TIM 2:4)

You make it so hard to trust God. After listening to you, most would think to themselves, “I wonder if I’ve dotted my “I”s and crossed my “T”s… in just the right way… I’m not sure.”
It’s a worry gospel, not one of trust and faith.
It’s one of works, works, works. And worry.

You complain often that I’ve been taught wrong… that “my teachers” have led me astray.
Implying that I’m not “saved”… thus, I must be bound for hell.
Well, dearest one, if I am bound for hell, I will trust God about that matter. If He determines that serves His purpose best, I will trust Him.
I can’t follow the incantations. They are too complex.

After all, Paul said those boys from James came to spy out our freedom. And enslave us. (Gal 2:4)
You’re like those boys. You want to spy out our freedom and enslave us to the incantations.
We’re not having it.
After all, we’re the Pagan Brothers from Antioch. And you’re just locked up in stubbornness (Romans 11:32)
Outta here.
Saturday night. 8:36 P.M.

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