Both of these guys don’t pay attention much to Paul.
Paul said it was given to him “TO COMPLETE THE WORD OF GOD”. (Colossians 1:25)

Smith so ignored that verse that his group is constantly inventing more and more “scriptures” to “complete” God’s incomplete word.

Lee just takes the whole Bible and turns it into a mystical chanting handbook. They don’t believe what it says… they just get into the FEELING they get when they chant the verses over and over. It’s weird.

Both groups don’t get it when Paul warns about “false expressions”…

… “in the hypocrisy of false expressions” (I Tim 4:2)

And they don’t get it when Paul tells us to…

… “Have a pattern of sound words.” (I TIM 1:13)

The Mormon’s love the false expression of “free agency”.

The “Local Church” loves the false expression “bride of Christ”.

But they’re not alone in this “false expression” business. Most of Christianity makes up a lot of terms which you cannot find in the scriptures.

“Go to heaven when you die..”
“Immortal soul…”
“Eternal” torment.. (the word “eternal” is not in the bible, really.)
“Triune God”
“Bride of Christ”
“the sinners prayer”
and so forth.

If you really want to know God’s purpose and plan you must get rid of these false expressions.

Next, just stick mostly to Paul’s letters. Why?

Because Galatians one and two shows that we’re under the evangel of Grace… and that works does not apply at the moment. Works is for the circumcision evangel. It will come into play at some future time, when Christ returns and rules from Jerusalem with the 12 tribes… on the Earth.

Meanwhile, Paul says our allotment is among the celestials in the oncoming eons. Not on the Earth. Among the celestials. (See Eph 2:6 and 7)

You see, we’re saved not by works but by GRACE through “faith” and get this… even the “faith” is not out of us, it too is God’s approach present. (See verse 8 of Eph 2)

If “faith” were our own doing, we could boast. Yikes.
(See verse 9)

We’re actually “HIS ACHIEVEMENT”… what a thought that is, huh? See Verse 10.

Get yourself a Concordant Literal New Testament. It’s a decent translation. A lot of mistakes have been corrected there.

And stick mostly to Paul’s writings. After all, it was given to him to “complete the word of God.”

And it’s amazing.
Grace to you.

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