We all had a hand in His death.

Yes, it’s true that Christ died for your sins.
In fact, Paul tell us “He became sin for us.” – What a thought, huh?
Some very spiritual things happened on the cross.
By all appearances it was just some terrible event. I mean, this naked man, with blood flowing from his many wounds was hanging on a pole, soldiers standing by, making sure all went smoothly, gambling for his garment, crowds watching, some cheering his situation, some too horrified to say anything.

Looking back, we can say this was anything but a normal death. A normal execution. — First of all, we know now, He was an innocent man. In every way. In no way was this a “private death”. It was indeed very public. The whole world was in on the scheme to see it happened. Really. You had a hand it in too. It’s a spiritual thing. Planned by God from the beginning.

It was a graphic event. A murder most foul. But one that must be.

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