Where does it say that God always gets his will?

Where does it say that God always gets his will?
REPLY #1: GOD IS OPERATING ALL THINGS after the council of His will. (EPH 1:11)
PLEASE NOTE: He is not operating most things after the council of His will… but ALL THINGS.
REPLY #2: … to whom He will, He is merciful, yet whom He will, He is hardening. (FROM ROMANS 9:18)
Your very question “where does it say God always gets his will”… indicates that you don’t believe God, you don’t trust God, you’re kind of insulted at the thought of God always getting His will. But why? Is it that you actually believe in man and man’s will and man’s greatness, but not man’s creator? Freewill teaching does that to ya.
If you truly believed God, trusted God, you’d instead say… “Oh, I always suspected so, but tell me more.” After all, we are taught to pray: NOT MY WILL BUT THINE BE DONE… Doesn’t God answer prayer? And if we pray that God’s will be done, won’t God answer that prayer? Where is your faith sister?
“GOD WILLS TO SAVE ALL MANKIND” (I TIM 2:4) and God always gets his will.

Plus… all is out of God, through God and for God… Romans 11:36

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