There can only be one, big, fat, reason…
They are full of self-love.
They are self-righteous.
They are self-absorbed.

Ya know that the word “freewill” is not in the Bible, right?

So… the “freewillers” must rely on inference to “prove” that we humans have a “free will”.

No plain statements.
Just inference.

But if you want to see God, know God, understand God… it seems you’d look at the plain statements of the Bible… and toss away mere inferences.


GOD’S WILL is all over the Bible. — As an important concept.
Man’s will is mentioned now and then, but it’s not terribly important… it’s more or less like static background noise.
It’s not the main story.
God’s will is the main story.

Those “freewillers” would have you believe that GOD’S WILL… is something YOU MUST DO…

Why? I’m telling you, they are self-absorbed

God’s will, is something God is doing.

It’s not like God is helpless unless you pick up the slack and preform HIS WILL in order to MAKE HIM happy.

No, No, No.

God’s will is something BIG, THAT GOD DOES.

Those freewill boys and girls just love to talk about all that YOU MUST DO to be saved and “go to heaven.”

But to focus on ALL THAT YOU MUST DO is to take your eyes off of God. And God’s wondrous will.

I started thinking about this topic the other days when Michael Knotts was going over Ephesians, chapter one.

The opening verse says

“Hey there, this is Paul, an apostle through the will of God.”

Now, if Paul had been a modern day “freewiller” he would have surely bragged on his contribution to his apostleship… like this:

“Hey there, this is Paul, I’m an apostle ‘cause I submitted my will to the will of God.”

See the emphasis there? “I have submitted my will to the will of God.”


OK, jump down to verse 5… in the first chapter… and prepare to have your socks blown off…

In verse five… Paul is laying out some absolutely, amazing, blessings and prophecies that happen to us…

“in accord with the delight of His will”

Do you see the strange lingo here? “in accord with the delight of His will”???

It’s only strange because most of us spent so much time listening to “freewill” teaching and they would NEVER talk about something that happens “in accord with the delight of God’s will.”

Those who worship man’s free will… are sure that God’s will is powerless bring about any ultimate good. It’s like God is a beta male, doing the best he can… but too wimpy to do anything more.

And who’s the alpha male? It’s the big, bad, unrepentant sinner!

The writers of the Bible were not “freewillers”.

They speak of THE WILL OF GOD… in a manner of GOD’S DOING.

The will of God is not necessarily something God wishes you’d do, to help him out.

Ephesians 1:5 is all about something God is doing.
Look it up. (Start at verse 3)
He chooses us in Him before the disruption of the world
He blesses us with every spiritual blessing
He makes us holy and flawless in His sight
He designated us beforehand for the place of a son
He does it all…
“in accord with the delight of His will.”

So, Paul is an apostle through the will of God..
and we get oodles and oodles of blessings in accord with the delight of His will.

Freewillers are totally confused by Paul’s writings.
But you shouldn’t be.
Welcome to the body of Christ.
Where good things happen.

Grace to you. All of you.

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