(Note: There is a bit of vomit in my mouth as I write this.)

According to the typically limitatarian “freewiller”… God has done gone and created everything man needs to make the right “freewill” decision and save himself from endless hell.

Just ask them. They’ll tell you — if the sinner goes to hell, he only has himself to blame. ‘Cause God did everything He could to help the poor sucker out.

God gave him a chance. And if the sinner rejects the chance… too bad. There was nothing more God could do, ‘cause God is a “perfect gentleman” don’t cha know. And God would “never force His will on anybody.”

(This line of tripe is vomit worthy, don’t you think?)

According to this line of thinking, MAN’S FREEWILL is the ultimate achievement of God. Never mind Christ being the “firstborn of creation”. Never mind Christ’s work on the cross. Never mind a beautiful sunrise or sunset. Snow covered mountains. The birth of a new born. No — God’s ultimate in creation is this dang “freewill” of man. It’s so perfect that God perfectly trusts the poor sap sinner to pull himself up by the boot straps and do the right thing… repent, obey, believe, etc.

In my studies over the years… I’ve concluded that creation has begun, but it is by no means finished.

It’s easy to come to this conclusion when you consider that the word ETERNAL is actually the word AGE… and that the AGES were created in Christ… and that the AGES will come to an end.

(Note: “TIME” is a measure of ‘change’, we know it’s Wednesday because things have changed since Tuesday. And there was a ‘time’ before creation began when ‘time’ did not exist because there was nothing to change… God was all in himself. And there will come a ‘time’ when ’time’ as we know it will cease as God will be all in all. Pretty neat, huh?)

Freewillers somehow have this crazy notion that creation is finished. We’re here — this is it — nothing more to see… the sinner must choose heaven or hell… right now.

And the sinner can do it… he’s got a “freewill”.

If he chooses right… he goes to heaven.
If he chooses wrong… it’s endless hell for him.

In the freewiller’s fuzzy thinking… God has done all He can or will do… and therefore creation is complete RIGHT NOW… PERFECTED WITH MAN’S FREEWILL.

Oh my. How much better to see and know that God has indeed BEGUN creation, but it is by no means complete. And won’t be complete until God becomes all in all at the end of the eons. (I COR 15:22-28)

Man does not have a freewill. God made sure of it. (Romans 11:32)

The crowning achievement of God’s creation is Christ and Christ’s work on the cross to save all.

The false worship of man’s freewill makes man the shaper of the destiny of the whole universe. Pathetically stupid, if you ask me.

How much better to “trust in the living God” (I TIM 4:10) to finish the creation that He started.

It has begun, but it’s not finished yet. The eons of time have started ticking off. But the eons can’t last forever… they must come to an end.

Look out baby, when they come to an end, God will be ALL — not in some… ALL — not in those who make it through… ALL — not in a few… God will be all in all.

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