You believe in prepositions. I believe in nouns.

You believe in prepositions.
I believe in nouns.
We were looking that this prayer of Paul’s in Ephesians 1:15-23…
And we see it ends with a reference to God becoming all in all. A reference also found in the great passage of I COR 15:20-28.
And of course you will have nothing to do with it’s deeper or broader implications.
No. You set out on an immediate course to limit the ALL to ONLY those “IN” Christ.
IN is a preposition.
ALL is a noun.
And what of this “in Christ” business?
You make sure this “in Christ” thing is a tightly weaved incantation, that only the exclusive and proper may enter. No one else is “in Christ” only these special few.
But what of my noun “ALL”?
What if God is becoming all?
And what of my suggestion that God will become all —IN ALL.
N. O. Spells, NO-you’ll have none of it.
It just doesn’t fit with your incantations of how one comes IN to Christ. So, let’s not consider anything broad for a moment.
But prepositions be damned.
They’re just not as important to a sentence as nouns.
I brought up this discussion to look at Paul’s beautiful prayer.
A prayer with such depth and meaning as I can scarcely grasp.
And you cheapen it altogether by harping back to your ‘who’s included and who’s not’ fantasy.

“…A spirit of wisdom… and revelation…in the realization of Him…”

Come on, little girl, these are not the exclusionary words of the sorcerer’s magic spell of who’s in and who’s out.
These are the words that go beyond the minor’s comprehension.

What does “the realization of him” even mean?
Perhaps, it has something to do with the last few words of the passage (V. 23) “the complement of the One completing the all in all.”

Will God be all?
Paul seems to think so.
But you spread doubts about this.
You preach with your multitude of explainations that God will be some. Not all.
How do you know??? You say it has everything to do with the prim and proper way to find yourself IN Christ. Nothing else will do.
Thus, God will be some. But not all.
When I read Paul, my heart is lifted up. To think that God will be all, thrills me.
When I read your words, I’m not so sure “thrill” is an appropriate emotion.

Give me the nouns.
You may have the prepositions.

Grace to you. You’ll need it.
As will I.


15 Therefore, I also, on hearing of this faith of yours in the Lord Jesus, and that for all the saints,
16 do not cease giving thanks for you, making mention in my prayers
17 that the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of glory, may be giving you a spirit of wisdom and revelation in the realization of Him,
18 the eyes of your heart having been enlightened, for you to perceive what is the expectation of His calling, and what the riches of the glory of the enjoyment of His allotment among the saints,
19 and what the transcendent greatness of His power for us who are believing, in accord with the operation of the might of His strength,
20 which is operative in the Christ, rousing Him from among the dead and seating Him at His right hand among the celestials,
21 up over every sovereignty and authority and power and lordship, and every name that is named, not only in this eon, but also in that which is impending:
22 and subjects all under His feet, and gives Him, as Head over all, to the ecclesia
23 which is His body, the complement of the One completing the all in all.

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