Christ, the firstborn, frees all from slavery.

A friend of mine posted this meme. Below I will give my thoughts on it:Passover

That is not the proper way to think about it. “Firstborn” does not necessarily mean “child.” The firstborn is usually the adult in the family and next in line to the family’s father. When the father dies the firstborn takes over. The Firstborn was usually vested with the strength of the father.
When the firstborn of Egypt were killed the majority were adults.

But the most beautiful thing is that God ransomed Israel by the death of the firstborn of Egypt. Their death freed Israel. None of the curses hurled down on Egypt freed Israel. Now fast forward to the New Testament. Christ is the Firstborn of all creation (Col.1:15 and then notice that the blood of His cross is what reconciles the entire universe to God. Notice also in 1 Timothy 2:4-6 that God will have all mankind to be saved for Christ gave Himself a ransom for all. This He did because as Firstborn, it is His responsibility to free all related to Him. Since He is Firstborn of ALL creation, all creation is connected to Him.

Romans 8:20,21 shows that the entire creation was subjected to slavery. Just as Israel was subjected to slavery in Egypt. And just as Israel was ransomed by Egypt’s firstborn, now all creation is ransomed by creation’s Firstborn and all creation will be freed into the glorious freedom of the children of God.
Tony Nungesser

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  1. So many don’t see God’s purpose in “evil”… keep in mind, that there is only ONE God, and God created Good and well as Evil. (Isa 45:7)
    But evil is temporary. During the eons of time, there is trouble. But the eons come to an end, when God becomes all in all, See I COR 15:28.

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