Yes, it’s true that Christ died for your sins.
In fact, Paul tell us “He became sin for us.” – What a thought, huh?
Some very spiritual things happened on the cross.
By all appearances it was just some terrible event. I mean, this naked man, with blood flowing from his many wounds was hanging on a pole, soldiers standing by, making sure all went smoothly, gambling for his garment, crowds watching, some cheering his situation, some too horrified to say anything.

Looking back, we can say this was anything but a normal death. A normal execution. — First of all, we know now, He was an innocent man. In every way. In no way was this a “private death”. It was indeed very public. The whole world was in on the scheme to see it happened. Really. You had a hand it in too. It’s a spiritual thing. Planned by God from the beginning.

It was a graphic event. A murder most foul. But one that must be.

And while on the cross, some strange words were uttered.
“Father forgive them.”
“They know not what they do.”
“I say to you this day, you will be with me in paradise.”
And finally…
“It is finished.”

Did you catch that last part — “It is finished” ??
How strange.
Of all the deaths, throughout all time, who utters these words like this, at the end. Hints of purpose? Intent? I’d say so.

What, exactly was finished? Obviously His life. But could it be something more?

Finally they take him down from the pole. Those who were in shock that is. They wrapped His lifeless body in some linen cloth, entomb Him in a nearby cave-like hole in the ground. Rolled a heavy stone in front of the hole and those that cared said “Rest in Peace dear One” (more or less) and set about grieving.

A few days pass, and something happens that has never happened before. Something no one would have thought of.

The lifeless body, is brought back to life as an act of God Himself.
We’re not talking a mistaken “time of death” pronouncement by a corrupt, paid-off, government coroner. His death was real. But this event three days later was something beyond real.

The heavy stone was found rolled away. He had the scars in the obvious places, but now life replaced not only death, but life replaced life. It was different somehow… it was beyond the reach of mortal existence. Life like we’ve never seen.

His friends and disciples were stunned. Could they really believe their eyes? They saw Him die. What exactly were they seeing now?

Words failed them. It was beyond our little concept of “life” — it was “life abundant”. Life beyond the reach of death.

You know, death… that thing we all dread. Death, that thing none of us escapes. The thing that’s just not fair. Yeah, that thing.

Jesus Christ was standing there before them, alive. Very, very alive.

What had just happened — three days ago He was shamefully treated by the Jews and the Romans. He was betrayed by his own. He was humiliated beyond anything I want to experience.

And yet, now he was standing as if nothing had happened. No resentment. No vindictive attitude. What happened on the cross that we missed?

God, we know now, was pleased with the sacrifice of “the Son of His love.” And something happened between God and Christ that changed the outcome of everything. And everyone.

The life that He now has, is what we know deep down, that we all want.

Our current mortal life, is a mixed bag of fear and dread. We might lose what we have. But the life of Christ, after his death, is anything but fear and dread. He truly conquered death and all it’s resultant behaviors.

You see, life behaves differently that death.

If you can no longer die, you don’t steal for food. You don’t gossip to make yourself feel superior. You don’t fear. Period.

You can read about His resurrection in the four accounts (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John). It’s again briefly mentioned in Acts.

But you won’t really know what happened on the cross, until you read Paul’s revelation about the matter.

What happened on the cross was a deal between God and Christ.
Christ paid the price. He was the offering and God accepted the “offer” and the payment.

The 3 days in the tomb was like a time of escrow. Making sure all parties witness the event and all parties were satisfied with the exchange.

Christ paid for your sins. The deal is done.

His resurrection is proof that God accepted the payment.

And your salvation is sure.

Life beyond the reach of death. It changes everything.
Believe it or not. But it does. You’ll see.

Christ is now seated at the right hand of God to oversee that everything and everyone He died to save, is brought to Him.

It took 3 days (escrow?) for the resurrection to happen.

How long before all that He purchased is brought before Him?

As near as we can tell from the scriptures, it just takes 2 more eons. In other words, He purchased all. And all must be brought before Him. You are His. And He will get all who are His. Bought with a price. With the scars to prove it.

Death, the real problem and the real enemy, it’s days are numbered.

Christ is proof of that. The reign of Death is sure to end. And it’s end has begun. “Christ, the firstfuit of them that sleep” says Paul.

When death is abolished, fear is gone. So too is gossip. Everything, and I mean everything changes.

So, the price is paid. Escow has closed. When do you begin to take advantage of the “life in Christ”?

It will begin when you “believe”.

As wild a story as this is… That God and Christ worked out a deal… and the deal was accepted… God graciously gives some the faith to begin enjoying the benefits of the purchase NOW.

Why doesn’t He give all the faith to believe right now? Paul tells us. It has to do with God’s purpose, and the proper display of his grace and feeling.

The price was dear. The display will be awesome.

But in time, Paul assures us, God will be all in all.

Grace to you.
Ace Theo

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