REGARDING “washing of feet”… just had to share this…My great grandfather was a pioneer preacher in the Pentacostal Holiness church way back in the 1940-50s. There is a story my grandmother told of him, that they would have a “foot washing” meeting every once in a while.. and it was all about being humble, etc.
Well on this one day, my great grandfather did not participate in the service, and it puzzled her… until she discovered that on that day, her father wore socks that had holes in them.

So, humility went out the door on that day. Ha… just seemed like a funny story… until you look deeper at the “christian” teaching about earning God’s love… which leads to self-righteousness… and pride… and this humility thing of “foot washing” was OK, unless you had holes in your socks.
Grace to you. And all the saints who want the truth.


P.S. Foot Washing and tithing are not for today. For today’s message of truth, you must look to Paul’s letters. He alone taught the evangel of Grace for the nations.

The rest of the bible is for, and about the Jews.

See Galatians 2:7.

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