Wait, wait… bad idea.

In fact, I believe God sinned and made a great mistake to give man a freewill.
Man has demonstrated one f*ck up disaster after another… With his amazing “freewill”.
And now, God is obviously in DAMAGE CONTROL.
Yes… Obviously God is not in total control.
Nor is He in partial control.
Therefore, it must be total DAMAGE CONTROL.
That, it seems, it the core of the Christian message.
God created this beautiful thing, garden of Eden.
Handsome man.
Sexy woman.
Talking snake.
And God just happened to mention this little ole’ fruit over in the corner of the garden.
Said, don’t eat it.
What a mistake.
Should have never even mentioned that honey-dripping fruit.
It’s been DAMAGE CONTROL ever since.
Even had to send His Son to die on a pole.
Lotta good that did.
Man’s freewill nose won’t even sniff around the cross to see what the hubbub is all about.
The DAMAGE CONTROL is ongoing. Runs all the way through the 1,000 reign of Christ.
And beyond.
Runs all the way to the so-called “Great White Throne.”
And beyond.
You think the GWT and the lake of fire is the end of DAMAGE CONTROL?
Think again.
The smoke goes up “for ever and ever”.
The whole of heaven itself is a demonstration of unending DAMAGE CONTROL.
A testament throughout all eternity that…
It was a bad idea to give that little stinker “freewill”.
Shoulda known better.
What was He thinking?
Should be ashamed of Himself.

Thank God for Ephesians 1:11.
God is operating all things after the counsel of His own will. All things.

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