From I Corinthians 15:26
“The last enemy is being abolished: death”

The Freewill Chick has asked me in the past to name just one scripture verse which proves the salvation of all. If I give her one she is quick to say, “That doesn’t mean what it says.”
Then, she gives me all kinds of Freewill Theology as to why my verse is wrong and her verses are right as rain.

She calls me a “universalist.”
So I call her a “limitarian.”

Lately I’ve been thinking about the POWER OF THE ABOLITION OF DEATH.

I can’t quite use this verse (I COR 15:26) to “prove” the salvation of all, because this verse goes beyond the salvation of all. Way beyond.

But let’s see where these thoughts go…

  1. Death is the “wages of sin” (KJV).
  2. The Concordant Version says death is the “ration of sin” — which would make more sense… as you “earn” wages, but a “ration” is given out whether or not you’ve earn it. And some folks, (like little babies) get death even though they don’t “earn” death. Thus, it’s a “ration”.
  3. And if the “wages of sin” is to be abolished… it’s powerful thought. It more or less proves that something big is going on here. Even if we don’t understand it, it’s something big. That the wages of sin is temporary — to be abolished one day… WHAT COMES NEXT???
  4. What comes next, indeed. If death is to be abolished, what about THREATS?
  5. I think it can be argued that THE THREAT OF DEATH is the prime motivator for most of our lives. The threat of death equals slavery. The threat of death makes us go to work each day. The threat of death forces us to stick with the clan for fear of rejection and the death that may result from that rejection of the clan.
  6. The fear and threat of death makes us cling to mommy. Or daddy.
  7. The fear and threat of death is really the motivator behind such sins as GOSSIP… and back-biting.
  8. But if God can abolish death, and make all alive, beyond death’s grasp (because death no longer exists)… doesn’t this meet even the minimal definition of “salvation” ??
  9. AND GET THIS: If God abolishes death, it has to include all. Why? Because it the nature of language… THE DEAD ARE DEAD…
  10. The DEAD are not alive. Christian mythology has some concoction about the dead are still alive and go to either heaven or hell. But NO… THE DEAD ARE DEAD.
  11. Christian mythology has some babble about “death will be no more” (from the book of Revelation)— in other words, it will not advance beyond this point, but they don’t dare embrace I CORINTHIANS 15:26. — the total abolition of death.
  12. The only way to abolish death is to make the dead alive. All of them.
  13. If some are dead, while others are alive, then death has not been abolished.
  14. And if death is finally abolished, then threats of death are abolished as well. And our behavior radically changes.
  15. No more gossip. No more begging for food or stealing anything. If death is abolished, no one needs to rule over us. Nor can they. Rule and the threat of death go hand in hand.
  16. Thus, when death goes, there goes the rule of all, including Christ’s rule and reign. (See I Corinthians 15:20-28)
  17. Does the abolition of death prove the “salvation of all”. Yes, and more.
  18. The abolition of death takes us into a realm of unexplored thought. What IS life, when only life exists?
  19. Right now, our little minds know that life is mostly about the avoidance of death. We’re running from death all the time.
  20. But what is life, when death is abolished? Oh my.
  21. Could it be that two verses later, when the THREE BIGGEST WORDS in the Bible show up… that, that, IS life?
  22. Could it be that life really begins when God is all, in all? (I Corinthians 15:28)

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