I wrote this to Stacy:

Listen, I was thinking about this… and I think it’s good news.
See Romans 4:25…
In the past, I looked at the death and resurrection of Christ as one unit, one ‘thing’.
But wildboar said something in one of his posts to you that was WONDERFUL…and got me to thinking…
…That Christ’s death is one thing… but His resurrection was proof of that thing.
He was given up for our offenses, but he was raised for our justification. Two different things. One a result of the other.
The word “FOR” in Greek is similar to our word “over”…
Christ died over the matter.
Like a gambler dying over his gambling debt.
So, Christ died over this matter of our sins. It’s settled. He died. He paid the debt.
He did not die for our justification. No. He was RAISED for our justifying.
He was RAISED over this matter that we are now justified as a result of His death.
And we did not give Him our “consent” to die on our behalf. He just did it. And what did it accomplish?
Oh my god… what did it accomplish??? His death accomplished or was proof of our justification.
And to make matters even sweeter… Romans 5:18 promises that this “thing” will result in LIFE’S JUSTIFYING.
So, the deal is… He died “for” or “over” our sins. As a result of– and no one questions this “for” business.
He died FOR… fill in the blank.
and He was raised FOR… OVER this matter… what? – Our justification.
I think that when I bunched them both in to one unit (the death and resurrection) I did not see this matter so clearly.
Granted, I’m still not sure I see it clearly, but I’m excited about this thought…
” V.25: (He) was given up because of our offenses, and was roused because of our justifying.”

Sin is clearly “universal”. All sin and come short.
Sin’s rations is equally universal: death. All die. (the wages (ration) of sin is death)
His work on the cross is also just as universal. All life justified (Romans 5:18). All vivified. (I Cor 15:22)

Now I know you’re going to try to limit the saving power of the work of the cross. And that’s ok, I guess.
But Paul says where sin did abound grace did much more abound. (Rom 5:20)

Plus… this equation we run through in our mind.. that it must be a “tit for tat” type of thing… you know, “an eye for an eye”…

In God’s plan and purpose, the equation is way out of whack…

In Romans 5:15… Paul reveals a new equation: NEW MATH
“But not as the offense, thus also the grace”

Wow… that’s heavy.

Now concerning the word MANY in verse 15 and 19… it’s really a figure of speech. The subject is THE VAST SUM OF WHICH WE ARE SPEAKING… in other words ALL.
So ALL and MANY are the same topic.
“The many were made sinners through Adam’s act…” Yeah, we get it, “all were made sinners”… through Adam’s act.

So back to V. 15… But not as the offense, thus also the grace… It’s not that Christ’s achievement just barely covers the sins of Adam and his race… NO.. Grace covers so much more.

Stacy Replies:

“Christ’s death was one thing and his resurrection was PROOF of that one thing so we may BELIEVE that one thing…the resurrection GIVES all men ASSURANCE and also leaves us WITHOUT AN EXCUSE.”

My Reply:

 @{KISStheSON}  LOL… you put emphasis on “without excuse” but not on what was accomplished.
Your “without excuse” is more or less throwing the efficacy of salvation strictly on the shoulders of the sinner.
Without excuse indeed.
How can we “believe” something that is not already true?
If we are already saved, THEN WE MUST believe…for it is true.
If we are not saved by His work on the cross, then belief in such is pure crap.
Here’s the freewiller’s gospel: Christ died for your sin and your belief in His death justifies you.
But Paul says, we are justified by His resurrection.
He died for our sin, He was roused for our justifying.
We “MUST” believe for it is true. Not to make it true, but because it is already true.

Regarding: The GWT (great white throne), since the judgments of God are good and just… could it be possible that everyone who stands before the GWT says “Wow, thanks, I appreciate that.”
Keep in mind, that I”m quite sure the GWT is nothing but an event along the way to the consummation.
It is not much different than the judgment on the world at the time of Noah’s flood. And did Christ die for all those folks? You bet.
Only 8 were saved in Noah’s flood.
The rest will one day bow the knee and their tongue will acclaim Jesus is Lord to the Glory of God. One day.
The ALL include those folks and Judas too.
One day, we’ll all go up to Judas and say “Wow, what a stinker you were, but without you, we wouldn’t have a risen Savior. So, thank you, for your part.”
One day, every mother, who lost a daughter to an awful murderer, will go up to that murderer and say, “Wow, I was so hurt by what you did, but it actually brought me closer to God. So, thank you.”
This is why all is out of, through and for God. (Romans 11:36)

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